10 Best Photo Editing Software For Photographer

In this 21st century, Photography has now turned into the most effective and trending profession among youth. There is so many photo editing software available online. You may find the best one to edit your photo like a pro and upload them after completion of your photo editing. Online you can test your photography editing skills through different photo editing software. Here, we have shortlisted some of the popular and effective photo editing software along with their descriptions. Hope this list will help you in finding the best software as per your requirement.

Why Photo Editing is Required?

Photo Editing does not only bring out the beauty of the picture, but it also helps to reduce the size of the photograph. With the help of photo editing software, photographers can pour the beauty in the photo which is an art. There is countless photo editing software available online. We have shortlisted some of the best software which will be really helpful for photographers.
Best Photo Editing Software for Photographers:

Adobe Lightroom:

Adobe Light Room

Adobe has never backdown in providing the best photo editing software to its users. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most powerful and simple photo editing software available online. Lightroom allows the user to edit the photograph in a straightforward interface along with a variety of fantastic features. This classic app has been developed by Adobe Systems for different operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, etc. This software is normally being used for image manipulation & image organization process. It means you can improve, organize, edit, tag, & share a large number of digital images.

Adobe Lightroom is quite different from Adobe Photoshop. The main difference between these two classic photo editing software is the edits in Lightroom software are always non-destructive. It means, it keeps the original image and saves the edited image separately. Adobe Lightroom does not include some of the important features of Adobe photoshop i.e., doctoring (making changes in the appearance of individual image items, 3D objects on images, text rendering, modification of video frames, etc.

Adobe Lightroom was released on February 19, 2007. Currently, it has two versions available online. One of Lightroom CC and the other one is Lightroom Classic CC. Professional photographers can go for this amazing software to test their photo editing skills.

Adobe Photoshop:

adobe photoshop

It’s really hard to write about the best photo editing software without mentioning Adobe Photoshop. If you are looking forward to being a photographer or want to edit the pictures, Adobe Photoshop must be on your list. This tool is a good-to-go tool for designers, photographers, artists, illustrators around the world.

Talking about Adobe Photoshop, there are so many mind-blowing features present in this software which make it more popular among other photo editing tools. It’s layering, masking, retouching tools are still the best tools in the market as compared with other software. This photo editing software is one of the most favorite software among photographers due to its amazing unmatched features and user-friendly experience.

Adobe Photoshop is available in 26 different languages for Windows & macOS. This software was originally created in 1988 by Thomas & John Knoll. Now it has been turned into the most favorite photo editing software among users due to its best user-friendly features and useful tools. Adobe Photoshop has been released in different versions along with different plug-ins which have been developed individually to enhance the features of this software.

This software has the default file extension.PSD which stands for Photoshop Document. A single PSD file has a maximum of 30,000 pixels of height & width. The length limit of a PSD file is 2 GB. If you are looking for the best photo editing software, Go for this amazing software.

Skylum Luminar:

Skylum Luminar

Considering the best photo editing software for photographers, Skylum Luminar is one of the fastest-growing popular editing tools around the world for many reasons. The main reason is being the most popular photo editing tool is this software does not have any monthly subscriptions. Unlike Adobe Photoshop, you do not have to pay a single penny to use this software.

Skylum Luminar has gained popularity for its AI-slider feature. This feature helps in auto fixing for everything from brightening to auto adjustment. This software has the best user experience tools and easy to use features, which make it more popular among professional photographers.

Luminar Software has been developed by Skylum for Windows & macOS on November 17, 2016. This software is being used for photo editing and image manipulation activities. We can say it is the one-stop solution for all sorts of photo editing activities. You can edit raw files directly with the help of this software. Its amazing features make it more popular among professional photographers within a short span of time. If you do not want to use Adobe Photoshop, you can go for this photo editing software.

Capture One:

Capture One

Capture One is one of the most favorite photo editing software among professional photographers due to its amazing features and user-friendly application. This software has been made by camera company Phase One for Windows & macOS. It is quite similar to other editing software, but with some solid unique features. This software has been developed in 10 different languages.

Capture One photo editing software is available in different versions from Portrait One to Capture One 12. Capture One Pro/Express Sony & Capture One Pro/Express Fujifilm versions are only working with Sony & Fujifilm digital camera raw images respectively.

If you are a professional photographer, Capture One must be in your list of best photo editing tools available online. The speed, annotations, advance color editing features make it more popular among the professionals. To use this software, it has a one-time flat fee to pay while it has the monthly plan which is double of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Plan.

ON1 Photo RAW:

ON1 Photo RAW

If you are looking for the best photo editing software for free, ON1 Photo RAW must be on your list. This Photo RAW software is really easy to install. Apart from its user-friendly structure, you can also use some of its best features like stackable filters, presets, etc to edit and provide a beautiful look to your pictures in no time. The main advantage of using this photo editing tool is it can be used in any operating system.

In ON1 Photo RAW, you will get numerous photo editing tools along with masking & brush tools. If you are using Photoshop or Lightroom, the add-on is also available for them. You can also avail of the best image editing features from this software for free.

If you are a professional photographer, ON1 Photo RAW is the best option. Using this software, you can use exclusive tools to enhance your pictures. Maximum features of Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop have been implemented in this software. Unlink other photo editing tools, ON1 Photo RAW editor will give you a completely fresh raw editor from the bottom. There are so many similarities between this software and Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, which make it one of the greatest competitors of these two gigantic photo editing software. As compared to other software, it provides faster user experience & easy to use modules. It has also non-destructive edits that can help you in saving the before & after edit images in separate files.

Corel Paintshop Pro:

Corel Paintshop Pro

People who want to upgrade & edit their images online in a simple and effective approach, Corel Paintshop Pro is the best option for them. From the beginning of its use, you may not find the most advanced editing tools here, but you can find everything here to edit & upgrade your images in a proper way.

This photo editing software is one of the most simple and easy to use the software in the world of photo editors. To use this software, it needs a one-time flat fee which is around 60 USD. Like other software, it is easy to use and it contains customized modules that can be helpful in image manipulation.

Corel Paintshop Pro is specially designed for the Windows Operating system by Jasc Software. It was originally published in October 2004. Originally, it was being called as Paint Shop. Now, this software comes in different bundles with so many standalone programs which have been coded in Python. It has also been released in different versions such as Paint Shop Pro Personal which is for the Japanese market. Paint Shop Pro album personal is also designed for the Japanese market by Sourcenet Corporation. Try this amazing photo editing software now and enhance your pictures in your own way.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate:

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

ACDSee Photo Studio Software is new in the race of best photo editing software online. It still has not in the list of many professional photographers. This software is the one-stop solution for all sorts of image editing needs for photographers.

As compared with other image editing software, it has one of the most special features, i.e., facial recognition. This is one of the best methods to organize and indexing your edited images. It is also an indication of AI-based digital asset management.

This photo editing software is the one-stop solution for those who want to edit, manage & process the RAW files. It comes in an affordable monthly activation plan with the perceptual license. During the installation of this software, you may need to create an ACDSee account. As an alternative, you may need to select the email confirmation step. It’s really easy to use. No further registration is required for the next time login. You can log in through your previous credentials.

Like Lightroom, you can edit the RAW images in the develop mode. Its layout is quite similar to the Lightroom. Apart from RAW image editing, it has also some advanced editing features with layers that you would find in Photoshop. So get this software now and enjoy its amazing features.



If you are looking for free professional photo editing software, GIMP must be on your list. You can easily download & install it in your system. GIMP has various highlights which help you with correcting photographs, photograph organization, and picture improvement. It additionally incorporates an implicit document administrator. Taking about the operating system, GIMP is suitable for Windows, Linux & Mac operating systems. PLUS, here you can also edit and manage your photos in all formats.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and it was released on 15 February 1996. This open-source software has been associated with GNU & GNOM projects. Initially, this photo editing software is released as source code. After that, developers made the installers and packages for different operating systems. It has one of the best user interfaces which has been designed by a dedicated team. Since the creation of GIMP, this team is regularly working on different updates and improvements on the user interface design.


Canva is one of the most simple graphic design software which is quite popular among graphics designers. It normally comes in a freemium model like other photo editing software. It comes with handy photo editing tools and various interesting features through which you can edit your pictures in multiple ways.

Various image editing software is only designed for systems. But Canva has different features. Unlike other software, it can be downloaded in Mobile and systems in a very simple way. On the phone, you can also edit your photos in a different way. You can also use tons of templates present in this software and use different icons, cards to create visual content for your blog or website. Thinking about the best solution in the photo editing market, you can find Canva as the best-suited one as per your requirement.

In this photo editing software, you can easily edit your images by using various features. You can use over 8,000 templates available in it. You can use the cropping tools, image straightening tool and another important tool to give the best look to your images. Here, you can enhance your images which can be proof of your best photo editing skills. Use this amazing software and be the professional photo editor.



PicMonkey is one of the easiest graphic designing software in which you can easily edit your photos, make the photo collages, add different icons in your photos, etc. In short, you enhance your images using this amazing software. Here you can develop your key designing skills along with photo editing as professional photo editors.

This photo editing software comes in both Free Trial and monthly plan. Using the free trial, you can test different features of PicMonkey software. After that, you can switch into its monthly plan, i.e., $7.99/month. In the free trial version, you can avail of limited features of this software. But do not worry. You can use these features to enhance your images in so many ways.

PicMonkey photo editing software is available online. You can also use this software through a mobile app. This software was initially released in 2012. Using this software, you can easily create so many cards like wedding invitation cards, visiting cards, thank you cards, etc. The main mission of PicMonkey was to provide such software to users by which they can edit their images visually beautiful. If you want to test your photo editing skills, choose PicMonkey. You can also integrate PicMonkey on your website with the help of its open API. Choose this software and enhance your pictures.