10 Casino Marketing Strategies That Drive Revenue

Online casinos rely on marketing to stand out in a field that has become increasingly saturated in the last few years. The best online casinos know that simply having great games and a fun site isn’t enough. They also need to establish a successful marketing strategy to attract new players. All online casinos rely on new players joining to build revenue which means that marketing departments are constantly looking for new ways to attract players. 

In this article, our marketing and casino expert Victoria Oliveira will be listing some of the most important casino marketing strategies. Casino marketing is designed to attract new players, help retain current players and drive revenue to ensure that the casino is successful.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become one of the most integral parts of any marketing strategy in today’s digital world. This form of marketing involves taking advantage of various techniques and online platforms to ensure that online users can come across the site organically. In a world where 80% of customers in Portugal research products online before making a buy, being invisible is far worse than failure. Portuguese players make use of reviews such as betway casino online to decide if a site is worth signing up to. It’s no longer enough to simply have a website. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves partnering with an affiliate website to generate leads and traffic. The affiliate will advertise the site, usually by providing information about what the casino has to offer. Interested readers can then visit a link to the casino and sign up if they want. In return, the affiliate gets a fee, either a percentage of the profits or a flat rate. 

Make Use of Ads

Using ads might be less popular than affiliate and digital marketing, but it’s still highly successful. Running ads on digital platforms such as social media and search engines is a great way to boost signups, and TV ad campaigns have also been successful. 

Player Bonuses

Player bonuses are one of the most popular ways for online casinos to bring in new customers. These bonuses offer a reward or package of rewards to new players as a way of encouraging them to sign up. By offering a bonus, casinos will potentially lose money at first, but if those players stick around and continue to play, they’ll be generating revenue for the site.  Find the best online canadian casinos, where you can get reviews, bonuses & free spins etc.

Bonus Codes

Many welcome bonuses are designed to be as simple as possible for new players to use, and although they come with terms and conditions, players can still make money from them. In addition to new player bonuses, many casinos offer bonuses to current players to reward loyalty. Bonus codes provide a way for casinos to see which bonuses players like using the most as well as where they received their bonus from. 

Data Analysis

Data analysis involves collecting and studying data from players and their habits. Online casinos can gather a wide range of information from their users, including what times they play, how long they play for, and which games they prefer. All of these details are useful for improving the site and everything it has to offer as well as building new marketing campaigns. 


Personalization involves using data on each player to cater specifically to them. Although most online casinos have thousands of players, sites can improve their retention significantly by treating them as people and adding a personal touch to how they deal with them. This approach is particularly important when dealing with VIP players, and most big casino brands in Portugal will have a separate welcome program for players that reach a certain threshold. 

Create a Brand

A section on brand is usually included in most casino marketing strategy. This part could include a strategy to change the logo or tagline. However, while this is important, it’s also important to ensure that the brand is consistent between the casino advertisement itself and the service provided. 

Look at What Competitors are Missing

Focusing on competitors is a great way to find out what your site is missing and what you can add to make it stand out. There are hundreds of competitor casinos online and being able to stand out is very important for attracting players. 

Focus on the Experience

All casinos should aim to provide an experience that’s memorable and exciting above all else. This is ultimately what keeps players coming back for more, and while it might be a difficult strategy to design and implement, it is certainly one of the most effective. Consider the needs or wants of the individual players and the ways that the site or casino can be improved to meet them.