10 Of The Trendiest Lips Makeup Looks

Lips are the most beautiful part of the human body, especially in women. They must be cared for. In the 21st century, Lips makeup is trending worldwide. Here is the 10 of the trendiest Lips Makeup Looks we are presenting. Please have a look.

10 Of The Trendiest Lips Makeup Looks:

1.Nudey Brown Matte:


This Lip Makeup trend has been popularized by the Kardashians, Fashionnova models, and the Instagram baddies.

2. Hot Pink:


This makeup is also known as Fuschia lip. After so many years of minimalistic taupe colors on Insta, finally, this classic lip make up has return to trend.

3. Iridescent Lip:


Speaking of bold lips? How cool is this out-of-the-world iridescent lip trend?

4. Wet Lips:


This lip fashion trend is one of the famous trends in the 2000s. You can easily achieve this look with a clear, high and shine gloss.

5. Patent Leather Lips:


This look combines bold color and high gloss to attain a look akin to shiny, new pair of pumps.

6. Blurred Lips:


These lip makeups are more pigmented on the inside, and the color fades towards the natural outline of the lips.

7. Bright Neutral Lips:


It consists of shades that are formal enough to wear to an important work meeting, yet bright enough to wear to a pool party at a hot resort with your besties.

8. Vampy Wine Lips:


This lip makeup is the vintage one that has been used in famous lady villains of 90’s Bollywood movies and by Kate Winslet on the red carpet for Titanic.

9. Blue Lip:


Blue Lip trend is one of the adventurous makeups apart from classic red lips.

10. Bee-stung Lips:


Naturally plumped up bee-strung lips are still going strong.