100 Funny Compliments

We all know how good a compliment is to receive. But did you know that a real compliment allows you to feel happier and can even enhance your health? Acknowledgment is also essential in interactions with our partners and spouses and friends. This is part of what makes us desire to work with our neighbors. And if you face a hurdle, knowing you are valued helps you work through this challenge and overcome it. Research has proven that our brains release oxytocin, the “hug hormone,” which makes us feel good when we do something. It’s one of the easiest ways to show compassion to funny compliment someone!

100 Funny Compliments:

1. You’re 11 on a scale from 1 to 10.

2. You’re more intelligent than teamed with Google and Mary Poppins.

3. But I guess you always are in them; I can never remember my dreams.

4. What I like best about you, you never let me do silly stuff alone.

5. If something horrible happens to me, I’d trust you to wipe my browser history.

6. Your mood is like a whistling of a dog. It’s mainly unnoticed. But they truly get it to those that do.

7. I’m very fortunate that you aren’t medicine. I will get addicted to you and sent to rehab.

8. For a good job, those who raised you deserve a medal.

9. You represent every Hogwarts Home’s best attribute, rolling into a house.

10. You are as beautiful as all the layers behind you.

11. In the morning I don’t like seeing you first, but you know I’m a liar.

12. I bet that you never had ice cream. You are so hot.

13. I can’t believe the ants didn’t carry you away, you’re so sweet

14. You have such a body, that you have to work out more when other people see it.

15. You are the fanny pack’s human incarnation. But in your way, you’re cool.

16. You are so hot that children under 18 shouldn’t be permitted to see you unless you are supervised by the parents.

17. I don’t know why, but I find you weirdly beautiful when you do embarrass stuff.

18. I don’t know what to do about it, I think you’re extremely lovely.

19. I would not mind repopulating the globe with you if we were the only two people left after the apocalypse.

20. You seem to always recall the weirdest stuff about me. And I love it somehow.

21. Whenever you’re away, I have separation anxiety. So, if you never left, I would be much happier.

22. When cartoon bluebirds were real, a few of them would sit and sing right now on their shoulders.

23. The only better part is to have friends with a talking dolphin than to be friends with you.

24. Actions are louder than words, and yours are an unbelievable narrative.

25. Thanks for not thinking that I am strange. Thanks. I mean, both of us know that I am strange, but that’s what you accept, which makes us happy.

26. You’re so adorable that I want to scatter rainbows and sparkling candy.

27. You may not be flawless, but your quirkiness is similar enough to my own.

28. Well, the finest part of my day is spending time with you, save from sleeping and eating.

29. You might have to consume some cosmetics so that you can be attractive inside too.

30. I don’t know what to do to myself, every day without you is like a day without my phone.

31. You do it all better. The world would be ideal if the people were more like you.

32. Maybe you don’t look, very good. However, you’re pretty fuckin’ close.

33. For myself, it’s not simple, so I need you.

34. He is “beautiful” just the term “b” which I would call you.

35. Very many people want to pollinate you, that is so beautiful.

36. The others around you are much too active, you are not lethargic.

37. To anybody who meets you your compassion is a bazaar.

38. You are so adorable that puppies and kittens send each other images.

39. A silver lining in everything you always know.

40. You’re stunningly magnificent and that’s the least of yours.

41. With my passwords, you’re the only person I trust. I will not give them to you, but I probably wouldn’t change them if you discovered them.

42. Their handshake is cooler than the secret.

43. I bet you’re smiling infants without effort.

44. Your smile demonstrates that life’s best stuff is free.

45. Actions are louder than words, and yours are an unbelievable narrative.

46. You’re cool because when I’m excited about something lame, you don’t judge me.

47. The hymns of angels’ sound like you look like.

48. To anybody who meets you your compassion is a bazaar.

49. You would be as cute as a cucumber, if you were a vegetable.

50. The only reason I speak with strangers is the potential to meet another individual like you.

51. You’re so cute, that’s a toothache for me.

52. On the inside, you are even better than on the outside.

53. How can you make everyone laugh and keep being that funny?

54. Your folks have done you an excellent job

55. Nobody’s pretty much like you. You are one kind.

56. Because you’re in it, our world is better.

57. We’re all pushed down, but you’re saying ‘no’ and continuing.

58. Everything gets better when someone is with you!

59. You have the best ideas all the time.

60. For the people around you, you are a gift.

61. In everybody’s life, you are a beautiful man.

62. A Zombie apocalypse could endure because you are such an evil one.

63. The best embraces you give. I want you to make me feel better every time I look at you. I want you to give me a big embrace.

64. In this world, you have a goal. You might not yet see it, but it’s an intention.

65. You may not realize it, but suddenly somebody is having difficulty because you have their back.

66. In the dark, you are a candle.

67. Though you don’t think you are, you’re attractive. You’re magnificent.

68. Your courageous flames are so luminous that they will never go out.

69. It’s contagious, your laughter. Your chuckle makes me laugh because it gives me a wonderful feeling.

70. You have such a terrific sense of humor. I’m laughing till I weep, and my chest is hurting your jokes.

71. I think your friend is the hardest part I’m trying to make, but I like my other friends I love you.

72. It’s pretty much anything you wear; I don’t have one favorite color.

73. I would be embarrassed if you knew how much I think about you.

74. For global warming, you can be the main reason.

75. You’re in a lovely way, Awkward. Like a lift, but with chips.

76. What is amazing, you know? Cake, oh, and your face. Chocolate cake.

77. It is just like a nap; it is not last long enough of our time together.

78. I’m strange, thanks for not thinking. You’re accepting this, and this makes me happy. I mean, I know I’m both weird.

79. You don’t find embarrassing about me I’m always amazed by things.

80. For the time being, I can lay next to you. Or till we choose to eat.

81. I fell in love when I saw you first. Well, you didn’t love the love.

82. I will be a lot happier if you never left me.

83. All your embarrassing habits are kind of cute to me.

84. I am thankful to God for two things, one being you and secondly Nutella.

85. I love you more than my dairy milk chocolate.

86. You can’t be real; you can’t look good yet you’re pretty close.

87. I don’t know what to do, but I just like that. You give me a feeling.

88. I like you because you are part of my strangeness.

89. You claim that love is lovely, but I say that friendship is better.

90. I see no competition for your beautiful appearance here.

91. In my life alone, you and robust Wi-Fi are all I need.

92. Secret Models of Victoria, my friend comes to your careers.

93. The best part of my day was your beautiful smile.

94. Double-tap on her picture because there is no one more beautiful than her.

95. You cannot live for the present in words

96. Friends come and go, but true friends stick on your skin like that.

97. But as my best buddy, I can’t survive without you.

98. If you think I don’t know, yet my mate is the cleverest man around. I don’t know.

99. We’ll stay pals forever till we’re old and senile

100. You look like a baby on your face with that smile