12 Interesting Facts About Mickey And Minnie Mouse

Mickey & Minnie Mouse both are the most favorite cartoon characters of almost every single child. Even adults and senior citizens do also love these two famous cartoon characters. Mickey & Minnie Mouse are famous for their on-screen love and chemistry. These are the only two characters in the cartoon industry that spread love and happiness among the cartoon lovers. People also give the example of Mickey & Minnie Mouse’s love story in special cases. These 87 years old cartoon characters are still strong and spreading love. And they will, forever. One thing is sure. If Mickey & Minnie Mouse will ever break up, then that day, the love will die.

This blog is all about some interesting facts about Mickey & Minnie Mouse which will definitely help you to believe in love forever. The main mission of this blog is to spread faith and affection towards love among the readers. Let’s have the interesting facts below:

1. Mickey Mouse character was born 87 years ago by Walt Disney. During that time, there was a big issue. The issue was to name the mouse characters, So many names came forward and finally, Mortimer Mouse’s name was finalized. But that to Walt Disney’s wife Lily, she suggested naming the mouse as Mickey, which sounds good, easy to be remembered among kids. This is the birth story of Mickey Mouse. As per the name of Mickey Mouse, his lover Minnie Mouse was named.

2. Minnie Mouse was one of the most famous female cartoon characters to date. Especially the pink ribbon of Minnie Mouse is really popular. In the story of Minnie Mouse, she said about her dream man: “He will stride into the room; a light will glow from him, I will hear music. He will bring be flowers. He will swing me off my feet! And I will know he is the one when he makes me laugh.” Isn’t it so romantic? She has expressed her feelings of heart towards the dream man who will come and make her feel comfortable and love. It is for sure that every single girl has the same dream just like Minnie Mouse.

3. During the first air of the Mickey Mouse show, Mickey Mouse was the solo lead character. He was entertaining viewers with his talents. Minnie Mouse was introduced in the show in late 1929 short which was called “Plane Crazy”. This episode was really amazing. In this episode, Mickey invited Minnie to sit next together and for a ride in the plane. Minnie said okay and they flew together. In the mid-flight, Mickey kissed Minnie. As a result, she did parachute out of that same plane.

4. We all know Mickey and Minnie’s mouse are couples. But how this beautiful relationship started? Mickey expressed his love towards Minnie in 1929 and referred her ahs his girlfriend. In the episode of Mickey’s Follies in 1929, he sang a song “got a sweetie……… she is my little Minnie Mouse.” it is very romantic.

5. Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s love story is the longest love story ever, i.e., 82 years. But this legendary couple never married onscreen. They stayed as boyfriend & girlfriend. In an interview in 1933, Walt Disney said that Mickey & Minnie Mouse are married in private life.

6. In the beautiful love story of Mickey & Minnie Mouse, the parents of Minnie Mouse were farmers.

7. As we have the hero Mickey Mouse, the heroine was Minnie Mouse. Minerva is the full name of Minnie Mouse.

8. Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most prestigious platforms in the world. Mickey Mouse is the first cartoon character who had the privilege to have a star on this prestigious and popular Hollywood Walk of Fame.

9. Considering the World of Disney, Minnie Mouse is not the official Disney Princess. She is the lead female character in the Mickey Mouse show. Although Mickey Mouse once said that Minnie has always been the princess to Mickey. Aww!! What a romantic line from Mickey. How could someone not believe in love after watching this show?

10. Initially, so many actors have auditioned for their voice for Mickey & Minnie Mouse. Walt Disney did not like any other voices. He finally provided the original voices for the famous cartoon characters Mickey & Minnie Mouse from 1929 to 1946.

11. Every single love story has a villain. In Mickey Mouse show, Mortimer Mouse was the rival of Mickey Mouse. He is the ex-boyfriend of Minnie Mouse in the show.

12. Apart from the above facts, the most romantic fact is here. The woman who voiced Minnie Mouse was Russi Taylor. She married the man who voiced Mickey Mouse, Wayne Allwine. Their marriage took place in 1991. Honestly, this is really romantic.

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