13 Bad Habits That Ruin Your Lashes

It’s no secret that ladies are obsessed with their lashes. We’re always looking for the next best volumizing mascara, but did you know that there are 13 bad habits that can be making your lashes fail? From not wearing sunscreen to over-tightening eyelash curlers, these bad habits will leave your lashes brittle and weak. So what should you do? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the top 13 bad habits and how to break them so you can have long luscious lash goals!

    1. Not removing makeup before bed: Washing your face is essential, but if you’re not removing all of your makeup before bed, then the bad habits will never stop. Makeup left on overnight can clog pores and cause breakouts which may lead to thinning lashes when they become infected with toxins from dirty skin. Plus, when makeup is left on overnight, your skin cells are deprived of oxygen which can cause collagen loss and weaken lashes.
    2. Wearing mascara every day: While it’s an excellent idea for a special occasion or event, wearing mascara everyday can be bad for your lashes in the long run because it dries them out and makes them brittle. If you do want to wear it daily, however, make sure that you are using an oil-free formula so there won’t be any build-up on the lash line! Moreover, you should be applying a primer before your mascara to ensure that it won’t flake or smudge throughout the day.
    3. Using eyelash curlers every single day: After having curled lashes for so long, you may have become addicted to using them almost every night, which can cause bad habits like over-tightening and causing split ends. If you are going to use an eyelash curler, only curl once! And never ever apply heat more than two times in one sitting because this could damage the hair follicle permanently. Also, ensure not to get too close with your lash curler because it can pinch fragile lashes and even break them off entirely.

    4. Including too many coats: A great way to ensure longer-lasting volume is by applying several thin coats of mascara versus one thick coat. If more than four coats are applied, then lashes run a high risk of breaking down and becoming brittle which is bad news for lash goals! So keep it thin, ladies, and let your lashes do the talking. You can get your own Lashify eyelash kit to help you get the long luscious lashes that you want!
    5. Sleeping on wet makeup: Just as sleeping in your makeup is bad for skin health, sleeping in wet mascara can be bad for your lashes. Sleeping in a moist environment traps bacteria and dirt, which could ruin the growth of healthy-looking lashes. Always make sure to remove all makeup before going to bed, especially if it is lash-affecting products like waterproof mascara or false eyelashes! Plus, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!
    6. Curling lashes with too much pressure: Before curling lashes, always make sure to separate them with a lash comb. Curl your lashes gently and slowly because if you curl too quickly or tightly, it can damage the structure of your eyelashes, causing brittleness and even breakage! Besides, curled lashes can look good, but over-curled lashes might look too fake and could damage your natural lash line.

    7. Using old mascara that has hardened or dried out: If this bad habit sounds like you, stop using your mascara immediately! To break it, invest in a new high-quality product and make sure to properly store it. Leaving the cap off or closing it tightly can lead to bacteria growth and old dried-out formula, which will leave your lashes brittle over time.
    8. Overusing eyelash curlers: After curling our lashes, we tend to want more volume, which we get by squeezing them tighter with an eyelash curler. But be careful because too much pressure from clamping down on these tools could result in broken blood vessels around the eye area as well as lash loss caused by scarring of tissue that forms tiny white dots when crushed between the skin and metal tool leading to permanent damage! So if you want to squeeze your lashes again, only do it once.

    9. Not using a lash primer: Before applying your favorite mascara and curling, make sure you use a lash primer to help lashes appear thicker and longer by creating more surface area for the brush. It will also help your mascara stay on longer and prevent flaking.
    10. Using old makeup: Think twice before using those eye shadows, mascaras, blushes, and foundations you’ve had for a while because as bad as it may seem to toss out perfectly good products, they could be the number one reason why lashes are broken. The older these items get, the more likely bacteria will grow inside, which can result in clumps that give lashes a spidery appearance!

      Plus, if any colors change over time or become separated into layers (like foundation does), then forget about them! You don’t want an uneven application of color disrupting lash growth and leaving lanky pieces sticking up from your lid area!

    11. Not using sunscreen: Using a lash primer before applying your mascara is important, but don’t forget to protect them from the sun with an SPF-containing sunscreen. Not only will it keep lashes healthy and strong, but you’ll also have less chance of developing crow’s feet around your eyes in years to come!
    12. Not washing and replacing mascara: Just like makeup brushes, it’s important to wash your mascara wand every two weeks with a gentle soap or cleanser. You may even want to switch up the type of formula you use depending on how dry or wet your lashes are at different times throughout the year! In addition, make sure that you throw out mascaras after three months because bacteria from lash loss can develop over time.
    13. Locking them in curl: One thing every girl should have on hand are eyelash curlers which help create a relaxed curled look versus an intense kinked up look when used properly. However, one bad habit some women make during application is locking their lashes into the same position over and over again, which can cause them to become dry, brittle, or even break off. This bad habit makes it impossible for the lash curler to rebound back into shape, so they are always in a curled position. To avoid this bad habit, experts recommend rotating your eyelash curl throughout the application process for best results!

Conclusion: So now you know the bad habits that are ruining your lashes and how to break them. So go ahead, give those bad habits a rest for good!