15 Best Google Web Fonts For Your Website

Almost 95% of website design comes down due to not use best web fonts from google or from others, which effects website a lot on look and feel:

Font embedding services (like Google Web Fonts or Adobe Fonts), giving your website something classic, fantastic look, fresh, and unexpected feel.

Take Google For An Example:

Choose any font like Open Sans or Lato. Generate the script and paste in your document’s <Head>. And you are all set to reference it in CSS.

That took 50-60 seconds. And it is completely free from google. That beautiful font you just choose is going to show up as something great for your website users.

Here you can find a selection of google fonts that we have chosen for you, but above all functionality, containing families with many styles, looks and weights.

We have highlighted google fonts that are nicely optimized for interfaces, UI web fonts, and others that are especially legible in paragraphs, or main text for reading on browser or mobile and legible on any device – be it smartphone, desktop, tablet or any other device.

Find 15 best google web fonts, which you can use free from google for your website.




Titillium Web



IBM Plex




Frank Ruhl Libre





Best Practices for Using Google Fonts on WordPress

A lot of WordPress sites or theme, we see there are skipping Italic and going with 2 different font weights. If you are embedding Google Fonts yourself, you can choose exactly weights to include from the available options from Google Fonts Tools.