2 Parks in the Bronx You Need to Visit

Natural spaces are the best to relieve your stress and offer you the best living. Even with being the father of hip-hop and home to baseball, Bronx is no less in extending serenity. It has parks and other natural spaces that never let you down. With them, you can always have time to enjoy and relax in your monotonous life. When in the Bronx, ensure that you visit these two parks, and you will have an experience like never before. It is all you need to make your day! 

Van Cortlandt Park

This park is under the New York Department of parks and recreation and spreads over 464 ha of land in the Bronx. It is the city’s third-largest park and gets its name after the Van Cortlandt family, who were permanent residents during the Dutch and English colonial eras. It comprises some of the most famous and old architecture of the Bronx. It has multiple facilities and opportunities to enjoy and strive high in the modern world. 

It contains five major hiking trails to find peace and a break from a busy life. With visible rail lines buried in weeds, the history stands still even today when you visit the park. It comprises the Van Cortlandt house built in 1748 that stands rigid as the oldest construction. It is an architectural marvel of the 18th century and displays the style of living in colonial times. It is now a site of historical significance. The park also contains the museum, vault hill, the family burial ground, and memorial spaces. Visiting Van Cortlandt Park is an immersive experience in itself! 

Pelham Bay Park

This municipal park stands on the Northeast end and is the largest park in the area. It is triple the size of Manhattan Central Park and includes a variety. It is a place for all, including hikers, walkers, nature lovers, water lovers, and more. It has rich flora and fauna that one can enjoy at all times. Standing in the city borough of Bronx since 1888, it has seen several decades of beauty and improvement.  

It has the borough’s only beach, Orchard beach, crescent in shape with two pavilions. It has the Bronx Victory Column & Memorial Grove made out of limestone in 1921. It is to honor the Bronx servicemen and also an effort to remember the brave hearts who sacrificed themselves in World War I. It is home to a plantation-style mansion, the Bartow-Pell mansion. Apart from the attractions of culture and history, it is home to multiple sports arenas, including golf courses, tracks, and more! When visiting the Bronx Equestrian Center and more, Pelham Bay Park will surprise you! 

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