2021 Video Marketing Stats Brands Shouldn’t Ignore

Human beings are visual creatures and tend to remember things better when they have a pictorial representation of the same. Videos are a series of images and convey a lot more information. Not only do people enjoy watch videos, but they also retain the content better. Over the years, video has emerged as the most popular form of digital content.

Easy internet access combined with the availability of smartphones at a cheap price has contributed to the popularity of videos. Today, most social media platforms have the highest user engagements on video content. Brands were prompt to realize this trend and take a leap to video marketing.

Over the years, video marketing has steered the success stories of thousands of brands across the world. If you are still unsure of whether to invest in video marketing, here are some statistics that will help you make your mind.

Steady Growth of Video

A look at the rise of video will reveal that the growth has been steady. In 2013. 75.7% of internet users accessed video content. By 2018, over 85% of internet users watched videos every month. It is projected that by 2022, over 82% of all digital content will be from videos.

A look at the data from the past 5 years will reveal that video consumption has increased for people across all age groups. However, the highest increase is seen in people over 46 years of age who are now joining the digital revolution. As videos continue to dominate the internet traffic, refusing to be a part of the video world will cause your business to lag.

Video Simplifies Ideas

The biggest challenge for most businesses is to push their customers further in the sales funnel. 72% of customers admit that they prefer learning about a product from its video. Thus, investing in video marketing will present your business offerings to the customers in the best possible way.

Also, when a customer buys a product that requires assembling, they often struggle with the setup. You can simplify things by replacing conventional user manuals with videos. That way, the customer will get a holistic picture of the setup and can complete the work in no time. This will get them comfortable with your brand and make them into loyal customers who turn to you for future purchases.

Better ROI on Video

The preparation of video content demands planning, filming, and editing. Smaller businesses are often skeptical about investing that much effort in video. However, a look at video marketing statistics will reveal that video gives a 66% higher number of qualified leads in a year.

Small businesses that have a video on a landing page report an 80% increase in conversion rate.  With a video on your page, you can expect an 83% increase in the amount of time that people spend on the page. The longer your customers stay on your page, the easier it will be for you to tempt them into a purchase.

Studies on marketing professionals state that 93% of them agree that videos are an integral part of their marketing strategies. Considering that 87% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI from their videos, a small business must take its video marketing efforts seriously.

Videos Give Customers What They Want

Today one-third of all digital traffic comes from videos and the figures are expected to go up in the coming days. Studies show that an average internet user spends 8% more time on websites with video content.

In such a situation, creating branded video content is like giving the viewer what they want. When you communicate to your target group in their preferred medium, they will be more receptive to your content. 1 out of 6 internet users admits to purchasing a product after watching a video.

Interestingly, men spend 40% more time watching online videos as compared to their female counterparts. Thus, if your brand is into gadgets, real estate, or menswear, video marketing should take priority in your digital marketing initiatives.

Optimizing Your Video

While the reach of video is growing, so is the competition. In today’s era, merely creating video content will not be enough and you need to optimize it for views. Understand the ideal video length of the platform and amend your videos accordingly.

Usually, videos that are lesser than 2 minutes have the most engagement. Post the 2-minute mark, most platforms note a decrease in engagement. Interestingly, people rarely drop off videos that are longer than 6 minutes.

Pay special attention to the aspect ratio and ensure that it is compatible. 75% of the viewers prefer watching videos in horizontal format. Considering that an average user spends more than 100 minutes watching videos daily, adhering to their viewing preference will give your brand an upper hand. Also, 75% of videos are played on mobile devices, and optimizing your content for mobile viewers will earn you brownie points.

Search Engine Optimization of content is important if you want it to reach the target group. While adding music helps to set the ambiance of your video, over 92% of consumers have their phones on silent while watching content. That is why you must add captions and subtitles to your text to improve its visibility. We also recommend the use of appropriate keywords in the video title and description.

Experiment with Video

Any video content goes beyond conventional content and engages with the audience. Over the years, several newer forms of video content have emerged. These include live videos, 360-degree videos, interactive videos, etc. To make the most of video marketing, try to keep up with the latest trends and developments in this field.

For example, as the availability of videos has increased, video drop-offs have become commonplace. On average, only 52% of viewers watch a video all the way through. However, the completion rate of interactive videos is 90%. Brands that are quick to adapt to technological changes and incorporate interactive videos in modern times have an advantage. You need to understand that video content creation is a dynamic field, and you need to keep pace with the changes in user taste.

Thus, you see that the world of video is one of the immense possibilities. The average internet user is in a constant search of out-of-the-box things. As a content creator, the video gives you the luxury of exploring your creativity.

With the above statistics, businesses that are not focussing on video will suffer from a major fear of missing out (FOMO) and lose out on potential sales. To avoid such a situation, make sure that you plan your video marketing strategies and plan your way. Here’s wishing you a fun-filled video journey ahead.