3 Incredible Wall Decor Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

Photo by Chance Anderson on Unsplash

Are you planning on upgrading your dull and still walls? Do you want to try creating some movements and elegant touches on your plain hallways? Well, this might be the perfect time for you to go out of the ordinary and place some jaw-dropping, show-stopping home decorations no one’s ever thought of!

From water fountains to wall bird cages, we have listed incredible and highly unique ideas that would go well with any home style and themes. These unusual items might be the “missing piece” that might complete your wall’s aesthetics.

1. Fancy and Elegant wall fountains

Water fountains are not just items ideal for the outdoors nowadays. They’re not only limited to gardens and patios. There are wall fountains for indoors meant to create an elegant movement on your plain walls and make your visitors feel welcomed. The calm water flow will surely make any guest feel relaxed and at home the moment they enter your house.

It is not only useful for having guests, but it can also become a comfort item for you.

Were you having a bad day? You can sit back, relax, divert your attention to the calming flow, and notice how you slowly feel at ease as you continue to focus on the peaceful movements of your wall fountain.

You can install this sophisticated item on the walls of your entrance area or in the living room to brighten up space and create a “refreshing zone” where one can easily relax after a long hard day outside.

2. Add colors and life by having a flower display in a small area of your wall.

Instead of putting flowers in a vase on your tables, you can do something new and paste these flowers on your walls. This can help add texture to your place and make the entire space more welcoming and bright. After all, one can never go wrong with flowers. They instantly make things beautiful no matter where they’re positioned.

Putting flowers in the entire wall might be a little too much, so it is better to place them in a particular area of the wall in a way that can also attract the eyes of people. You can either arrange it like a painting border or let your hanging picture frames get surrounded by it. It’s up to you what kind of display you prefer, but it is ideal for letting the flowers come close and create a specific shape or image on your wall.

If you aim for a cozy and bright space, you can add different types of flowers with light colors. If you’re leaning for a more sensual and intimate vibe, however, you can try those that have darker shades like the red roses or the queen of the night tulips.

3. Why hang paintings when you can have birdcages? 

There are actually many craft stores that offer miniature bird cages that you can hang on your walls. You don’t really need to put birds as these cages can speak for themselves because of their elegant look that would help add life to your walls. You can either paint them with the colors that would go with your chosen theme or hang them the way they are and create some antique, Victorian style in your place.

If you’re also going for the “naturalistic” theme, you can place some miniature indoor plants or flowers inside your cages instead of birds so that there is a touch of greenery in your indoor space.

One to three miniature bird cages can actually suffice the entire wall. You can arrange it in a close line manner or try to have it appear stair-like. It’s really up to your choices and also the width of the wall. Create a wall that has fun in it, and try not to put too much that it gets overwhelming for your guests and you.

Getting out of the ordinary isn’t entirely a bad thing. Nowadays, being unique means being trendy. Your ordinary walls might need some upgrade now. Make sure you have something that would make it stand out.