3 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs A Good Design

Design is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about startups. Instead, you may think of innovation, service, and products that these companies offer to improve the lives of people. 

However, the design has the power to make or break your startup. Your website visitors, the targeted audience, or regular customers don’t really care about the same things as you do as a business founder. On the contrary, all they care about is how they feel when they visit your website or use your products, what they see, how good or bad is their experience with the product, etc. 

All of these experiences are based on design. A designer can help you reach your business goals, and to find talented professionals in this industry, you can visit Brybe Marketplace, a place that connects small business owners with freelancers.

As such, the design is used in the three most important areas of the business – product, website, and marketing design. 

Here are some of the reasons why every startup needs a good designer. 

Adapt a design-driven approach, not a technical one

Almost all entrepreneurs are passionate about the technology they use instead of solving actual problems users may have. If you’re launching a startup for the technology only, your business will turn out to be a passion project rather than a successful startup. 

But, if you start to think about your business idea from a design perspective, you’ll think like a problem solver rather than just a technology adapter. 

There are multiple aspects you need to take into account when launching your company: analytical leadership, talented professionals, user experience, and constant improvement. 

You as a business founder are responsible to find out what your targeted audience needs, and how do your products or services fit into this image.

All of your employees should work together to build a long-lasting solution – marketers, designers, sales team, managers – all of them need to deliver an exceptional product or service for it to work. You’re also responsible for constantly improving yourself as a leader, your team skillset, and above all, being aware of the latest industry trends. 

Design help you build a connection to your users 

As mentioned above, the design is included in all the aspects of the business that require direct connection with the end-user – product design, website design, marketing design. That’s why it’s crucial for you as a startup founder to have an exceptional design because that’s how you can make yourself stand out from the competition. 

You may think that most of the job the big companies do is based on possessing high-end technologies, but it’s not. They just know how to use that technology to address the most important factor for success – the people. 

When you’re launching a company with the end-user in mind, you’ll be able to understand the true value of high-quality design. 

The need for consistent branding 

As a startup founder, you’re constantly trying to find new ways to better position yourself on the market. And, since we live in the online world, that’s harder than ever. 

In the physical world, you can just place yourself on the shelf and with your original design, you’ll be able to attract the attention of your users. But in the online world, it’s more challenging than that. Your users have a very short attention span, so you need to use that time to catch their attention. They should be able to just take a glance at your brand and know exactly what’s all about. 

As a startup founder, it’s your responsibility to connect with your users, and the design will play a major role in it. 

The important thing to remember is that design plays a crucial role in your market positioning as a brand. You should use that opportunity to show your true pros through the design, and make yourself stand out from the crowd.