Greyhound racing is a highly competitive sport in various parts of the world, with powerfully built greyhounds racing each other for victory. The greyhound race track remains a popular place for punters to wage successful bets.

In recent times, you can place wagers online like a website as well, choosing a dog you feel could justify the winning bet. But while there are certainly no fool-proof ways to identify a winning wager, there are some tricks and tips that could help nonetheless.

So, use the four effective tips listed below to wager successfully on the next greyhound racing event.

1. Wager on races you have experienced

Together, the horse and dog racing industries are worth billions of dollars globally. Inevitably, new spectators are constantly showing up at the race tracks, hoping to enjoy a thrilling race. If you are new to the scene as well, you are probably an amateur punter.

In such a case, consider attending a couple of more races before actually placing a wager. More specifically, follow the same event to familiarise yourself with what goes through the race. If it is a route race, there will be four dogs who may never have run this particular distance and invariably, there is no way for you to guess how they will perform.

Therefore, collect as much information as possible about a particular race, and this research will help you make a good profit off your wager.

2. Pick a dog that has performed consistently

Ideally, it is prudent to pick a greyhound consistent in almost all the races. This does not mean that you must always bet on a dog that has won its previous race since there is no guarantee that the same dog will keep winning. Instead, try putting your money on a diligent, disciplined dog who has an excellent speed record, as this is the kind of dog with a high chance of winning a race. Invariably, the risk of losing your wager is lower when you use this strategy.

3. Check the box draw

Studying the dog you wish to bet on alone will not make you an expert punter. You must also watch the box draw and see if your wagered dog is running. Also, while it may be easier to bet on your favourite greyhound, you should not ignore the odds. Otherwise, there may be a better dog running unexpectedly well that day, causing you to lose your wager.

Moreover, some dogs perform exceptionally well on some tracks and fail miserably in others. Therefore, it is pivotal to gather updates on the latest track figures, results and other details, as this information will be extremely valuable in placing future bets. 

4. Trust your instincts

Sometimes, the pressure of keeping a track running without hassles might get in the way of accurate race card reporting. You may find that certain comments on the card from the officials are in stark contrast to what you witnessed as a viewer. These are human errors that happen every now and again, causing dedicated punters to lose massive amounts of money.

So, ensure to take notes from the live feed and trust your judgement. Remember that race comments are ultimately the opinions of race officials and you cannot always rely on them to make a successful wager.