4 Ways to Get Data from BigQuery to HubSpot

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with Google’s BigQuery and the data it can provide, as well as you probably utilize HubSpot for your in-house CRM. You’re probably wondering what kind of benefits you will see by using API integrations to connect BigQuery to Hubspot.

By connecting the two, you can seamlessly trade data from one source to the other, giving you better data integrity, less energy expended in data input, and also cleaner, more targeted marketing operations in the workspace.

Read along as we provide you with three ways you can get data from BigQuery into your HubSpot that will help you move the needle. 

Gain Market Knowledge You’ve Never Had Access to with Interactions

One of the hardest aspects of marketing is trying to figure out how to get your product and the message behind it to resonate with the consumer. 

By integrating HubSpot with BigQuery, you can collect and compile data on what kinds of products your customer is actually interacting with on a daily basis. This data is invaluable because you’re able to narrow down your target market to a granular basis.

Broad strokes are no longer needed as you can take the data you pull from BigQuery about specific customers or prospects and tailor your sales pitch to them personally. This means you’ll be able to reach out to them in a manner that they will understand and care about, in turn making the odds of converting much larger.

With this ability to customize your interactions, you can be sure to set the correct follow ups, usage tips for your product, and offer them similar products. It’s truly remarkable. 

Enter Prospective and Current Customer Data Automatically

Entering prospective customers into HubSpot can be a laborious and painstaking task when managed manually. With integration, you can take contacts, companies, and deals from your data warehouse and seamlessly export them into your HubSpot.

From BigQuery you can gain valuable information on customer activity, what they are interacting with, and what they are searching and have this information exported directly to their account within HubSpot.

This will cut down on marketing labor on data entry and give you better insight into who you should be focusing your energy on to convert leads into sales. 

You can track sales history from integrating your own invoices and sales orders to your HubSpot account, allowing for a central location for data about particular customers. This makes marketing processes much more effortless and efficient. 

Target Customers with Specific Product Data Pulled from BigQuery

The ability to tailor your product offerings to customers who are most likely to make purchasing decisions in the near future is the key to selling with efficiency and velocity. Often this can be lost in translation due to the sheer volume of data that many CRM’s contain and inability to properly manage it.

With BigQuery to HubSpot integration, this process is made easy. You can upsell customers on products they are currently using, based on the data you’ve pulled. Targeted emails can be sent as well, based on recent shopping activity to push them to convert. 

The marketing content sent to customers can be custom built to resonate with them in the specific way the customer uses the product in question. This data is pulled from BigQuery based on search history of the customer and analytics that have been pulled from their buying habits.

In addition to marketing content, you can also provide valuable customer service with proper follow up, which we will touch on next, in turn making them more likely to turn into a repeat customer.

Step Up Your Customer Service Level with Valuable BigQuery Data

It’s no secret that great customer service drives sales in almost every single industry that you can imagine. Standing behind your product as well as being helpful with your product is of the utmost importance in gaining repeat customers, garnering referrals, and in the world we live in today—great reviews online. 

By utilizing data derived from BigQuery and integrating it with HubSpot, you can send personalized emails outlining the features of the product that they may not have yet used. In addition to this, you can send over tips and tricks for best use of a certain product. 

Satisfaction follow up surveys can also be sent to customers to get feedback and take care of any concerns they might have had before it trends into a negative review. All things that keep you ahead of the customer service curve. 

In Closing

BigQuery to HubSpot integration is technology that any business should incorporate into their marketing repertoire. The benefits of customizing your message personally to each and every customer is shown to convert to sales. We encourage you to give it a try.