5 Best Fonts for Business Logos (and Which to Avoid)

If you start a new business or rebrand an old one, you know your logo’s importance.

You need a logo that will stand out and speak to your customers when they lay their eyes on it. This is why legibility is so essential. You need to choose the best fonts for your logos to convey your message in the most effective way possible.

Don’t know which fonts are the best? Keep reading! We’ll help you give you an idea of the best font for logos and why.

What Makes a Good Font?

The best fonts for logos and, in general, tend to be consistent, legible, and balanced. That balance and legibility can be attributed to something called even kerning. Kerning is the space between two of the characters in a font. You’ll be able to tell if the kerning is off as it messes with the balance, rhythm, and overall legibility of your text; you may even think that the letters look smushed together.

Examples of Good Fonts:

  • Futura
  • Helvetica
  • Garamond
  • Proxima Nova

What Makes a Bad Font?

A bad font is difficult to read or just overused. As we mentioned, when you are designing a logo, you want your customers and clients to understand what they are looking at right away. Choosing an illegible font will not help you at all.

Examples of Bad Fonts:

  • Bleeding Cowboys
  • Comic Sans
  • Papyrus

So, What Is the Best Font for a Business Logo?

If you are thinking about doing some free logo design yourself, choosing the best font for your logos comes down to your preference and the design you are looking for. When thinking about what fonts work for your logo, see if they are aesthetically pleasing together, and try to find the best font pairings for logos you can.

Consider your brand. Would it make sense for you to use the best handwritten fonts for logos? Or would it make a little more sense to go with some of the best modern fonts out there?

Here are a couple of the best free fonts for logos that you can choose for your next design. Remember to take a look at licensing any time you want to put a font in your logo.

  1. Bebas Neue
  2. Open Sans
  3. Proxima Nova
  4. Museo Sans
  5. Helvetica Now

What Do You Consider the Best Fonts for Logos?

Now that you know what the best fonts for logos are, you can use this knowledge to create the best logo possible! Try a few different combinations of fonts and figure out a style that works for you. Remember, there are a ton of ways you can design a logo yourself these days. You have to find the right tools.

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