5 Most Famous Bridges in Pittsburgh, PA

Known for titles, living culture, connectivity, and more, Pittsburgh is a place next to heaven. It has impressive styles and beats Italy for bridges. Although you may cross it regularly, it has some attractions that are simply a must-see for everyone. With a strong history and architecture like no other, the most famous bridges account for an appreciation. They are the fame and name of Pittsburgh and are known as the finest display of brains with technique and superiority. Know about them all! 

Fort Pitt Bridge 

Dating its construction to 1959 and built over the Monongahela River is one of the finest architecture. Running right after the Fort Pitt tunnel, this sky-touching structure has its magnificence. It is the first double-decker bowstring bridge and is a vital landmark of the city. With efforts to make it stand different, it boasts a high contribution to modern transport upgrading projects in Pittsburgh.  

Three sisters bridge

These three self-anchored bridges lay parallel to each other with astonishingly similar construction. It comprises the sixth street bridge, called the Roberto Clemente bridge, the seventh street bridge, known as the Andy Warhol bridge, and the ninth street bridge, or the Rachel Carson bridge. It is spread over the Allegheny River and uses an adaptive engineering technique. It stands as one of the famous bridges with a badge of national recognition. 

Philip Murray Bridge

This bridge is also called the South Tenth Street Bridge and dates back to the time of America’s labor movements. This epic historical bridge has seen decades. It gets its name after the first president of the labor Union of America. With a unique deco-art style, it stands tall with its name, unlike any other bridge. It is famous and is a memorable bridge for the people of Pittsburgh! 

David McCullough Bridge

Starting in 1922 and earning fame as a spot on the National register for historical places, it stands sturdy on the Allegheny River. It is also locally known as the 16th street bridge. This bridge of significance connects the North side to the Strip district with a long stretch. Its span is one of the most stunning bridges. It brings in the vivid memory of the old-school bridges that matter! 

Smithfield Street Bridge

It is the oldest steel bridge and lies straight across the Monongahela River with historical significance. It was the first bridge in the city, built in 1883 by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It connects the station square to Smithfield street and has a colorful palette of lighting, which came into being in 1994. It has a vibrance like no other and an architectural model much more pleasing to look at and dream.  

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