5 Tips for Selecting Toys for Differently Abled Children

Choosing toys for differently abled children might seem difficult at first, but it’s not that challenging once you know what to look for. These five tips will help you choose a toy that a differently abled child will love.

Easy to Use

You need to make sure that the toy is easy to use for the child, so this largely depends on what makes them differently abled. For example, color change dolls from L.O.L. Surprise! are ideal for many children. 

These are dolls that change in warm or cold water. As long as the child can hold the doll and has enough motor control to submerge them in water, then this will be a fun toy that will provide hours of fun.

Remember to consider what would be easy for that particular child.

Consider Colors and Textures

Many children like toys with different colors and textures. This also includes differently abled children. Consider picking toys that have satisfying textures, can vibrate, and change colors.

At the same time, always make sure to consider the child. Some children are prone to stimulus overload. In that case, it might be better to avoid toys that change colors or have textures.

Wheelchairs and Different Positions

Consider where and how the child will play with the toy. Some toys require a child to easily move up and down, which might be very challenging or impossible for those confined to wheelchairs or with reduced motor controls. In general, consider how easily the child can move around and pick an appropriate toy.

Expression and Ability

You should choose toys that allow the child to express themselves while matching their abilities. Some people may inadvertently get toys for differently abled children that aren’t expressive. 

The truth is that these children are usually as creative and expressive as other children, so give them the opportunity to be musicians, construction workers, superheroes, and more with appropriate toys.

Just be sure to match their physical and mental capabilities. If you’re ever unsure if a child can play with a certain toy or not, just remember that you can ask them.

Social Interaction

One of the best things about toys is that they help with social interaction. For example, many games require at least two people to play. 

This allows children to make friends and form bonds. While there are some differently abled children who truly don’t want social contact, the vast majority do and it’s important to foster this.

Except in those rare cases where the child does not want social contact, it’s best to get some toys and games that require a few children to properly play. This will give the child an opportunity to play with other children.


These five tips will help you select the best toys for differently abled children. In general, you should focus on the child’s strengths and abilities to ensure you choose something that they will love. 

While each child is different, remember to consider what they are physically and mentally capable of and the right toy should be easy to find.