5 Top Vintage Omega Watches You Must Buy

Since its inception, Omega has never missed its spot as one of the leading watch brands in the world of horology. The brand never fails to meet its patron’s expectations with its high-caliber and refined timepieces. It always ensures to craft watches with a specific purpose behind — a functional and durable time-telling accessory. Any Omegaholic or even regular watch enthusiast can always tell and testify to you how exquisite each timepiece is from Omega.

More than that, the brand offers a wide variety of watches; all are equipped with first-class materials and crafted out of their innovative and practical skills. Buying and investing for one will always be a great deal and decision, as their timepiece also holds a considerable value. But if you’re someone who considers the price before paying for it, why not opt for Omega’s vintage models. Not only will you get a watch from a luxury brand, but you will also be saving some money. This article listed the best 5 vintage Omega timepieces that deserve to be on your radar. Check these out!

Omega Marine

Famous as the first-ever diving watch Omega had released in 1932, the Omega Marine is genuinely an iconic vintage timepiece. It features a rectangular shape that symbolizes this Swiss watchmaker’s passion for creating watches out of its excellent innovation. Its waterproof crown fully subdued its case and at 12 o’clock, which was being held together using a small flip lock to ensure that the watch face was securely enclosed within its case. 

Among available vintage Omega watches in the aftermarket, this Omega Marine was the only timepiece considered more of a scientific art piece than a simple watch to tell time. For several years, it has proven itself as a durable and reliable watch that can be used for any scuba diving adventure, especially since it has gone through many underwater tests with famous diver enthusiasts. If you’re a diver yourself or a regular watch collector who wants to own a timepiece that has already been tested as a functional and reliable timepiece, opting to buy this model is a great deal.

Omega Constellation Grand Luxe

This Grand deluxe edition was recognized as one of the best high-end models in the collection from the name itself. The series of Constellation watches was officially introduced back in 1948 in line with the 100th year celebration of the brand. Since then, it has been the most sought-after piece and at the center of collection for most vintage Omega watch collectors because of its excellent precision and in-house movements.

Another notable feature of this timepiece is its case and band, made of a solid 18ct yellow gold and a dial that also displays an 18ct dial with index markers made from the glamorous black onyx. What’s more, with its 34 mm size and semi-extending Reinhor strap, it is such a comfy timepiece to wear on your wrist. Just note that this vintage model is a rare piece, so never get tired of searching for one if you really want to own a high-caliber watch.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Sought-after for its robustness, highest accuracy, and readability, there is no wonder why the Omega Speedmaster Professional watch is one of the most prominent and in-demand pieces of the brand. Its version of Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” was an iconic and most acclaimed timepiece as Buzz Aldrin wore this watch back in 1969 when he had landed on the moon. After this historical time, the Omega Speedmaster has always been worn by astronauts on every NASA pilot’s mission they have. 

This timepiece has always been regarded as an infinite classy piece for most watch collectors. It has its own distinction and charm to offer to whoever wears it. That is why if you’re after a vintage watch that has a rich history and legacy to tell, owning one of the Speedmaster Professional watches is just for you. 

Omega Seamaster Ploprof

Officially introduced in the watch community in 1971, the Omega Seamaster Ploprof was created and designed purposely for professional use. This timepiece, which is more favored by its name “Ploprof,” has broken all the traditional rules you can always visibly find in a regular watch. It features a big red button that is used as a safety lock for its bezel. It is also a very impressive timepiece with its water-resistant feature that can go as deep as 600 meters. So, if you want to own a watch that can resist and survive the temperature and pressure underwater, this vintage timepiece is just the best pick for you.

Omega Seamaster Professional 300M

More popular as the James Bond watch, the 1993 version of Seamaster Professional 300 M features a blue wave-patterned dial, a screw-down crown, and a helium-release valve at 10 o’clock. This timepiece is definitely the most recognizable among Omega’s collection, especially that the famous actor James Bond was spotted wearing it in his successful films. That is why there is no wonder why it remains as an iconic and most sought-after vintage piece, despite having many refreshed versions of watches in the extensive catalog of Omega.

In a Nutshell

Omega is a trendy brand and has remained at the forefront of producing elegant watches. Even vintage watches of Omega still hold such great value, and opting for one from our five listed iconic and high-caliber watches is the best deal and decision you could ever make.