5 Ways to Manage Your Health Better This Year

Managing your health is an ongoing process. By continually cultivating what is needed to stay in good health, you contribute to the overall state of your wellbeing. It would be nice if health were a one-and-done deal, but the truth is, it takes regular upkeep to ensure that everything is in working order! To help you better your health this year than in years past, read on! 

1. Address Your Symptoms

This year, make a promise to improve your health by not ignoring the symptoms you notice creep up. While not every ache and pain is a cause for concern, leaving things to get worse is a big problem, especially if the underlying cause is serious. You don’t need to obsess, but for symptoms that seem concerning, have your symptoms addressed to rule out conditions preventatively. 

For example, as people age, it is common to experience tremors. Sometimes, this symptom is a cause for essential tremor treatment. Other times, it’s just a side effect of medication or an indication that severe conditions like Parkinson’s could influence one’s health. If you aren’t sure why you may be experiencing a concerning symptom, see your doctor. 

2. Get Daily Exercise

All of the systems in the body function better when they receive daily activity and movement from the host (that being you!). Even setting a goal of walking up and down your block each day can do wonders for your health. This year, make a change and get involved in a daily exercise that you genuinely enjoy. Remember, exercise should be good for your body and act as a form of stress relief for you. Make exercise fun and enjoy all of the benefits it can provide for your health. 

One effective way to improve your overall health this year is by exploring different tools and resources, such as the cold therapy devices available at OrthoBracing, which can help with post-exercise recovery and pain management.

3. Drink Enough Water

The eight glasses a day rule is out! Now, it’s recommended that you drink ½ an ounce of water for every pound you weigh to stay effectively hydrated. There are exceptions to this rule, and the number of hydrating drinks (and dehydrating drinks) that you consume will also influence these measurements. 

If you’re not sure what amount of water to drink for your height, weight, and age, talk to your doctor to see what they recommend. Invest in a water bottle that tracks ounces to help you follow through on your plan to drink more water this year. You’ll be able to measure how much you drink and feel more accomplished each day that you commit to the objective. 

4. Have A Stress Outlet

Stress is a natural part of life, but it doesn’t have to take over your well-being. Manage your stress with healthy outlets and stay in control of your feelings! It is important to have a healthy place to let your stress go. 

When we let our emotions build-up, we take them out on other people and areas in our lives that don’t benefit from these reactions. Take up a practice like writing, meditating, or even talking to a counselor once a week to let go of stress productively. 

5. Get Social Support

Everyone needs to have a community of people to count on for social connection, support, and companionship. If you tend to do things solo most of the time, step outside your comfort zone this year and make friends! 

Check out local community centers, recreational sites, and other places where people gather to connect. Build your circle to support your emotional health! 

The Bottom Line

This year, take up habits and lifestyle changes that positively influence your well-being to manage your health better. Start integrating some of the ideas in the list above to improve your health!