6 Different Things People Add to Their Coffee

The most common way for most people to take their coffee is with sugar or cream. Sometimes, straight black if you prefer it that way or not if not in the mood for creamier coffee. But, if you need something extra to amp the sweetness and make it less bitter, you can add a little something. Cream and sugar may not cut it for all. Therefore, you can try out a latte with chocolate syrup added to it, Scandinavian egg coffee, lemon coffee, among many others. Below are some strangely different things people add to their coffee. Try them out and make your coffee drink differently. 

1. Butter 

Coffee with some butter in it is becoming a trendy drink. College students and some celebrities love the taste of this mix. It is the ‘bulletproof’ coffee as it is a blend of a pat of butter together with coffee and drops of coconut oil. This seemingly odd drink has various nutritional benefits including, prolonged energy levels and improved work performance. Grass-fed butter is better for use as it is heart-healthy and is rich in antioxidants.

 2. Lemon 

Lemon in water is a norm today, but now lemon in coffee is the new mix to your morning coffee drink. Lemon or lime gives a citrusy kick to your morning coffee drink. Add a fresh lemon slice or lemon peel to your coffee. Not only will it get rid of the bitter flavor, but it will enhance its sweetness. If you are among the people who clean their teeth after a coffee drink with a lemon peel. Add it to your coffee to prevent coffee breath. 

3. Egg 

If you thought the butter in coffee was a strange mix. You should try out Scandinavian egg coffee. This way of enjoying your coffee is a traditional drink in various parts of Scandinavia, the American Midwest, and Norway. To make it, you mix a whole raw egg with your coffee grounds. Boil the mixture in water. As a result, it separates the coffee grounds and the water and is free of cloudiness and or sediments. Strain it, and you have an amber-colored coffee drink. It is an experiment worth trying if you like various coffee tastes.

 4. Cardamom

Do you want your morning coffee to be exotic? Add the cardamom spice to your cup. It acts as a neutralizer to the effects of caffeine. This is for those people who get the jitters from taking a cup or two of coffee. Notably, the cardamom spice is common in Ayurvedic medicine as it helps reduce pain, lift spirits and induce a calm state of mind. Additionally, it helps settle your stomach and stimulates your appetite. Thus, it is a miracle spice that you can consider adding daily to your coffee. 

5. Tonic water 

Bubbly coffee may sound weird, but this mixture is popular in Sweden. To make it, pour espresso or cold brew over tonic water and add some ice. As a result, you get a crisp, citrusy and refreshing drink, perfect for hot summer days. Plus, it has an additional caffeinated kick. During the night, make it into a drink you deserve at the end day and make a cold brew gin and tonic.

6. Salt 

Sugar may be a must-have ingredient in your coffee drink. But for a new taste, use salt. Many people claim adding salt to coffee decreases its bitterness. If you make your coffee at home, add some salt to the coffee grounds before brewing it. Optionally, add it to the cold brew to maximize flavor. 

To conclude, the above ways may seem strange and different, but many people love the taste it brings to their coffee. Also, others love adding ice cream as a substitute for cream and sugar. Plus, it makes it much sweeter and easy to drink, especially for first-timers. Other additions you can try out include oatmeal, and you can have your coffee and breakfast as one. Vanilla extract is a great one too, and a replacement for sugar or other sugar alternatives. Choose one of the above and try it and see if it can be your new favorite coffee drink.