6 Email Marketing Secrets for Boosting Conversions

Email marketing is viral among digital marketers. While it is quite an age-old strategy, it is still considered the most effective when it comes to converting potential prospects and engaging old customers. If used correctly, it can offer a significant return on investment. However, one wrong move and your marketing strategy would waste money and time.

Depending on how you have executed it, several email strategies can be hit-or-miss opportunities. They depend on several factors like the email list, the quality of leads, etc. Hence, it is important to optimize your email campaigns so that they will yield the maximum conversion rate. This article will talk about some tips that can help improve the email click-through rates and meet your conversion goals.

What Are Some Effective Marketing Tips To Boost Conversions?

As mentioned above, the proper use of email marketing is still considered the best way to obtain new customers and retain the old ones. An email is a powerful tool that can drive conversions, whether it is just a simple inquiry about a specific product/service or involves an online purchase. Let us look into some tips that can help you improve your email marketing strategy:

1. Always Make Use Of A Landing Page

You cannot expect magic to happen after simply sending people to your website. Your email marketing campaign needs to be good and tightly bonded to a relevant landing page. Of course, the landing pages will depend on the type of email.

For instance, abandonment emails need to land the person to where he/she has left his cart. When the recipient lands on this page, it should be clear what you expect them to do. As a result, it will significantly lower the bounce rate on your landing pages.

Overall, landing pages also offer opportunities to provide incentives like ungated content or deals, which can help hasten the conversion process. You can also opt for personalization or converting the email recipients for a targeted or specific offer. If the recipient lands on the homepage of your website when they are looking for something specific, they will not be enticed. You will not have a lot of time on your hands to grab their attention with a stunning offer before they choose to click away.

2. Write A Persuasive Subject Line

When it comes to thinking of a subject line, it can be enriching if you are creative. The subject line needs to be such that it is not mistaken to be clickbait. On the contrary, it should be encouraging so that the recipient opens the mail. Experts suggest that you need to grab their curiosity when the email reaches their inbox. Or else, they will skip to the one that grabs their attention.

When you write down a subject line, you are advised to be direct and specific with your customer. Additionally, you should never over-promise. Always keep the subject lines short and use human psychology to come up with trigger words that will make the readers click on the email.

You should also avoid spammy words like ‘winner’ and ‘make money.’ In some cases, you can even use emoticons to evoke an emotional response from the reader or make the email stand out from all others.

3. Be Personal

Let us be honest—none of us love reading long emails that contain corporate jargon and information. No matter how relevant the email content is, the readers will stop mid-way if it is impersonal or bland. It’s certainly not a great thing for your conversion rates.

One great method to deal with this is to write an email in such a way that it sounds like it is coming from you or someone else in your organization. You can also choose to take it a step further – you can add a reply-to address as the same individual. If you can start a conversation via email with your customers, nothing more personal than that.

Many companies make use of this approach; in fact, some go as far as creating an email from scratch and sending it forward. They do not use any promotional imagery or follow a particular email template—it is just raw email.

However, the thing you need to remember here is that you are not writing a brochure. Make it seem like you have typed them in Gmail (or any other email service you use); design the email for interpersonal communication.

4. Tell A Story

One of the most used tactics used by a few large-scale companies today is opening the email with a story; according to experts, this tactic helps engage the readers even more.

Storytelling is considered a powerful marketing technique because written narratives often resonate with the readers. Most people around the world love a good story. With this tip, you will get the readers invested in what you are trying to say, which means that they are more likely to read the entire email. You can even add a call-to-action button or two strategically at the end of the story.

One of the most important reasons this strategy works so well is that you can easily be drawn into a story that has nothing to do with the main topic of the email.

5. Use A Strong Call To Action

Similar to any other type of content, an email needs to contain a type of call to action. Maybe you would want your readers to reply to the email, or you would want them to tap on the landing page link.

Regardless, ensure that you make this process as clear as possible. For instance, a Call-to-Action button may read ‘Try Out Our Platform Now.’ You want the readers to click on this link and visit your website. You can also try creating an image of a button design that shows a clear path of the action they need to take. Many email marketers use ‘PS’ at the end, which evidently works pretty well too.

6. Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

Of course, you may have to dig into the email usage data of your subscribers to know this for your audience, but it has been studied that roughly 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

Therefore, the email you send must be mobile-friendly; no one would want to read an email that is not written and/or formatted well. In such cases, these potential customers will not convert. Write a mobile-friendly email, and you will no longer have to worry about missing valuable conversions. For instance, you can use SignalHire to make your own email list and tailor it with vital information that will make the audience feel special.

A typical email written for mobile devices will have large enough details to read. Additionally, the Call to Action buttons will be large too.

Final Thoughts

Like most other marketing strategies, it is important to keep track of whether these strategies deliver the results you are looking for. You need to understand that each email marketing metric will indicate the success of a certain strategy. For instance, high CTRs would imply that your Call-to-Action strategy works brilliantly. On the other hand, low open rates could mean that there is room for improvement in the subject line matters. Regardless, it is always important to keep a close eye on the developments.