6 Fabulous Ways to Accentuate Your Curves

With the summer season upon us, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that curvy bodies are finally getting their time to shine. For too long, we’ve seen plus-sized people hide away their bodies in oversized, baggy clothes because they looked different from the generally preferred skinnier models. However, we now live in an age of acceptance, where we’re finally starting to see curvier models get the praise and approval they deserve. Our bodies come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and it’s essential to recognize and flaunt all the details that set us apart. Therefore, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you shouldn’t think of how you can cover up your body. Instead, come up with all the ways you can accentuate and enhance your curves and look and feel like the best version of yourself. However, self-love isn’t a linear journey, and it’s normal to have days when you can’t think of how to dress flatteringly. To make it easier, below, we’ve listed the top five tried and tested ways to accentuate your curves and look fantastic.

Opt for flowy dresses

With summer close by, it’s time to whip out all your flowy summer dresses, and there’s no reason why plus-sized bodies need to feel left out. Contrary to popular belief, flowy dresses can make you look incredibly chic and highlight your curves in all the right places. One of the biggest concerns plus-sized women have is clothing that is too restrictive. It can cause chaffing and can make it hard to move around too.

However, Plus Size Dresses don’t just look great but are incredibly comfortable to wear. They’re perfect for bright, sunny days, where you don’t want clothing that sticks to your skin uncomfortably. Plus, they go amazingly well for any occasion. You can opt for more casual designs when going grocery shopping or running errands, or fancy wrap dresses, and trendy prints for nights out. You can even go for a longer or shorter length, depending on your preference, and flaunt your curves.

Add a belt

When you want to accentuate your curves and look like the best version of yourself, adding a belt is easily one of the best ways to do so. It’s time to rethink the belt and see it not only as a functional accessory but an incredibly stylish one. There are so many different belt styles you can opt for, each one perfect for accentuating your body. The thick belt is ideal if you want some extra support while making your waist look perfectly cinched. It can give you the hourglass figure you’ve dreamed of without any effort.

Furthermore, belts aren’t just for jeans or pants. Instead, you can add them to your dresses, skirts, and even your tops. They add the perfect definition to loose-fitting tops and add an extra layer of dimension to any attire. While this is a styling tip that works for all people, it looks beautiful on curvier bodies.

Color block

Color blocking is a technique that works almost like an optical illusion. With strategically placed colors, you can create the illusion of a slimmer waist and tapered top. You can bring attention to your best areas while drawing the eye away from specific places of your body. Color blocking usually involves working with contrasting colors to create a truly memorable outfit.

Color blocking is a bold technique that lets you flaunt all your curves without hiding anything. You don’t need to hide behind dull colors that let you blend in with the background. Instead, opting for something like color blocking lets you attract attention for all the right reasons. However, it’s important to note that vertical patterns can make you appear wide, so opt for something horizontal. Although the commonly held belief is that vertical stripes make you look taller, research shows they do the exact opposite.

Opt for low necklines

You’ll be amazed at how flattering a plunging neckline can be for curvy women. They work on a simple principle, breaking up the color and drawing attention to your face. If you wear something with a high neck, you’ll appear much boxier, and you’ll make your body look much fuller than it is. There’s a wide variety of low necks, and the cherry on top is that each option is incredibly chic and elegant.

You can even opt for off-shoulder tops to maximize the width of your décolletage and help create a balanced figure. Furthermore, off-shoulder tops can make you look sophisticated and add a touch of delicateness to any outfit. They look best when paired with an A-line skirt and give you the perfect hourglass figure.

Get a personal tailor

There’s nothing that can accentuate your curves like a perfectly tailored suit. Plus-sized people often have a tough time finding clothes that fit them perfectly. They usually encounter free-sized, unflattering designs which make them look boxy and take away all elegance the outfit could’ve had. However, having a talented tailor on hand can make the most significant difference, providing you dresses that show off your body.

A little tailoring can let you alter all your clothes until they fit you just right. Tailors can loosen up or tighten outfits wherever you want so that you can show off your curves perfectly. Furthermore, apart from adjusting your existing wardrobe, you can add personalized pieces to emphasize and flatter you. A well-tailored suit can attract attention unlike anything else, and it’s something you can wear to parties, office meetings, brunches, and more. Getting a few perfectly tailored pieces in your wardrobe can elevate your styling game immensely.

Try flares

Flares work around creating more balance in the body and cinching you in all the right places. Peplum dresses or tops are an excellent option. They can balance your upper and lower halves to create perfect harmony. However, other unique pieces that highlight your curves include high-waisted flared jeans and pants, A-line, and other flared skirts. These pieces work exceptionally well paired with fitted tops and show off all your best curves.


Adding a few bold statement pieces to your wardrobe can make a huge difference and let you move towards having greater love and appreciation for your body. Dressing well can do wonders for your mental health and can give you improved self-esteem and a much better body image. Plus-sized bodies deserve to get all the attention, and these styling tips can let you flaunt your curves in the best possible way.