6 Hacks to Get the Most Out of HBO Max in Canada

HBO Max has an impressive and huge content library. It streams all the content from HBO, classic TV shows, blockbuster movies, and Max original shows. 

We all enjoy watching favorite shows like ‘Westworld’ or ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ on HBO Max. But ever thought of tips and tricks to get the most out of your Max subscription?

In this blog, we will discuss the helpful hacks that will make your experience of using HBO Max delightful. 

Here are the 6 Hacks for all HBO Max subscribers: 

1. Watch your favorite HBO Max movies and shows in HD:

When downloading any content from HBO Max, make sure you download it in HD quality. By default, HBO Max downloads the content in low quality. 

To watch the shows in HD quality, you’ll need to customize your account settings. Follow these quick steps:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Select the video options.
  • Tap on ‘Download quality’.
  • Select ‘Highest quality’. 

However, we recommend you not to download HD-quality video if there is less storage on your device. High-quality videos take up more space. 

2. Set parental control: 

HBO Max allows you to switch profiles anytime without hassle. We suggest setting up parental control if your kids have an access to your account. HBO Max has a huge variety of inappropriate content for elementary-age children. 

Here is how you can add a kid’s profile:

  • Go to the profile tab. 
  • Select switch profiles. 
  • Select ‘Add kid’. 

This way, you can easily track of the content your kids are watching. 

3. Keep track of the latest content: 

Like other streaming platforms, HBO Max also adds new content and removes the old from its platform. If you do not keep track of the new shows, you might miss your favorite one if HBO Max decides to remove it from its platform. 

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a streaming service to watch your favorite show and seeing that it has been removed from there. 

You can follow these steps to track what is being added and removed on the platform:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Tap on notifications. 
  • Enable the HBO Max newsletter

Alternatively, you may follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile name.
  • Choose notifications.
  • Choose Yes send me updates. 

Yes, keeping track of the latest trends on HBO Max is that easy. You may thank us later. 

4. Make a list of your favorite shows: 

Are you an organized freak who likes to have the list of your favorite shows in one place so you can easily decide what to watch in your leisure time? 

HBO Max allows you to create a personalized list of your favorite shows and movies on the platform.

 For instance, you intend to watch The Big Bang Theory on HBO Max:

  • Search The Big Bang Theory on the streaming service
  • Click on the +My list option or +Add series.

That’s it. There are only two steps to making the list of your favorite shows. In the same way, you can add documentaries or series to your personalized list. 

Using the same steps, you can also remove content from the list. For that, choose ‘remove series’. 

5. Share your HBO Max account with others:

It is one of my favorite hacks. We all love to discuss our favorite shows with our friends and siblings, so why not share our accounts? 

Share your HBO Max credentials with the people you trust. Ensure that they do not share the credentials with anyone else. 

To check if other members are using your account credentials on their devices, follow these two steps:

  • Select your profile name
  • Select manage devices

Watch popular shows like Watchmen with your friends and loved ones, and keep discussing the episodes all day long. Have fun!

6. Use data to download shows:

Stuck out of your house and being bored? You can download your desired content from HBO Max using cellular data. You need to customize your HBO Max account settings to choose data over a Wi-Fi connection when downloading the shows. 

Here are the quick steps: 

  • Go to the video options.
  • Play any show using data.
  • A pop-up message will appear. Select ‘See videos’.
  • Disable ‘Download over Wi-Fi only’ or ‘Stream over Wi-Fi’ only’.

Our pro tip is to download shows over Wi-Fi and stream the content on data. Downloading shows on Wi-Fi helps you in speeding up. 

Wrapping up:

HBO Max has a variety of unique factors to delight the experience of its subscribers. Whether you are a new or an old subscriber of HBO Max, use our quick hacks to enjoy your subscription to the fullest.

Grab your popcorn and watch exclusive shows like The Snyder Cut, The White Lotus, and The Righteous Gemstones on HBO Max.