6 MacBook Tips and Tricks You Need to Remember

Over 20 million Mac computers were sold in 2020. Were you one of the many that bought one of these great computers?

Well, it’s time to make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase.

Read on to find out about the top MacBook tips and tricks to get the most out of your computer.

1. Make It Accessible

MacBook computers have a lot of great accessibility options you might not be aware of. So, when you’re buying a MacBook, you’ll want to educate yourself about these options to make them as easy to use as possible.

Make sure to carefully explore the Accessibility section of your system preferences. For example, there’s a function you can use to have your computer read text out to you, which is helpful for people with learning differences or visual impairments.

You can also make the text or icon sizes of most things on your MacBook computer larger or smaller, so that they’re easier to see. Voice Control allows you to control your MacBook computer with your voice, which can help out people with physical ability differences. If you turn on Sticky Keys or Slow Keys, it can help allow you to press the buttons on the keyboard easier.

2. Add More Options

Graphic designers or people who simply like to change things up will want to look into how to edit fonts on their MacBooks. You can add premade fonts or even make your own. Once you have the files in the correct format, you’ll just need to drop them into Font Book.

Plus, there are simple photo editing options you can utilize without downloading Photoshop or another professional photo editing software. For example, you can remove the background of images just by using Preview.

3. Use Spotlight

Most Mac users don’t use Spotlight to its fullest capacity. Of course, there are basic ways you can use Spotlight to find apps and files on your computer. But, there’s so much more available.

You can use Spotlight to do basic math equations without pulling up your calculator application. If you’re connected to the Internet, Spotlight can also search the web to help you find all the information you could need. If you’re looking to contact someone, you can use Spotlight to view their details. 

When you’re searching for the weather or your location or around the world, you don’t need to open a web browser. You can simply search for what you need in Spotlight!

4. Customize Your Screen

There are also lots of ways you can make your computer screen look exactly as you want it. For example, you can switch your folder icons into emojis so that you’ll be able to tell them apart more easily. Plus, it makes your screen a lot more fun to look at! Just use the markup icon to select the image you want, and then paste it into the get info section of the folder you’re trying to customize.

If you’d like to change your menu bar, there are also options available for you. You can move around the icons and change the sizes as you please. The same is true for the dock. You can actually move your dock around your screen, so it’s in a place that’s pleasing to your eyes.

Plus, if you’re working at night, one of the first things you’ll want to find out when you’re researching MacBooks for beginners is how to turn on Dark Mode. This will cause your eyes less strain and make it a lot easier to see your screen.

5. Optimize Your Work Space

If you find yourself having to do a lot of different things at once. If you need to use several apps at the same time, you can set up the split-screen function on your MacBook. This can be particularly helpful if you need to compare two documents against one another. When you’re trying to move your files between devices, you can simply turn on Airdrop and have your files transferred in no time.

If you have other Apple devices, like iPads or iPhones, you can use the Continuity Camera function to scan documents directly to your Mac. This will save you a lot of time and energy struggling with a physical scanner. That’s not the only way your other devices can improve your MacBook experience. You can set up your iPad in Sidecar mode to use it as an extra monitor.

6. Know Your Keyboard Shortcuts

You’ll definitely want to learn about the different keyboard shortcuts available to you when you’re learning how to use a MacBook. If you need to close an application ASAP, just hold the command key and the Q key at the same time.

To take a screenshot, you’ll hold down the option key, the command key, and the three-key. To take a screenshot of only part of the screen, you’ll want to hold down the four-key instead.

When you’re trying to find a specific word or phrase on a document or page, hold the command key and the F key to bring up the search box, and type in what you’re looking for. And, to bring up Spotlight to start trying out some of the functions available, simply press the command and space keys together.

Use These MacBook Tips and Tricks ASAP

Now that you’re aware of these MacBook tips and tricks, you have no excuse to not use them to your advantage. Try experimenting with some of them today.

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