6 Reasons To Have Your Own Medical Scrubs

Safety in the medical profession is always given top priority. If you’re a nurse, doctor, surgeon, medical laboratory technician, or clinician, you may need to have medical scrubs because they’re more sanitary compared to regular clothing.

Wearing medical scrubs helps you reduce the chances of carrying and spreading pathogens and other harmful contaminants. Medical facilities may clean your scrubs with prescribed techniques and detergents to keep unwanted substances at bay.

When you’re buying medical scrubs for yourself or your employees, ensure that you go for quality options. Like any other type of product, it’s easy to get substandard scrubs. To purchase scrubs of excellent quality, you can visit online stores like Keswi and place your order. You’ll be able to get scrubs for men and women alike in your preferred colors. See to it that you take the necessary measurements in order to determine the correct size for you and your staff.

Here are just some of the reasons you should have your own medical scrubs:

1. You Can Keep Your Everyday Clothing Safe

With medical scrubs, you don’t need to wear your usual clothing. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about your regular outfits getting ruined while on duty. While at work, you may be exposed to or come into contact with urine, blood, vomit, stool, germs, and other types of fluids and contaminants. If you’re wearing medical scrubs, at the end of your shift, you can simply remove them for specialized cleaning.

Medical facilities may clean staffs’ scrubs using special chemicals in high-temperature washing machines. Because of how scrubs are manufactured and how strong the fabric used for them is, they can withstand frequent washing and harsh conditions. Some of the highly effective chemicals that your facility may use to clean your scrubs are chlorine bleach, white vinegar, heavy-duty detergents, and disinfectants.

2. Medical Scrubs Are Inexpensive

In general, medical scrubs aren’t expensive. Their affordability allows for tough cleaning with harsh chemicals—in case they eventually undergo wear and tear in the process of cleaning, you or your facility can replace them at a low cost. It’s advisable to use inexpensive scrubs in high-risk places because you may have to dispose of them more frequently.

Some manufacturers specializing in medical scrubs offer high-end scrubs that are a bit costly. However, these are usually preferred in places with low-risk factors and where germs and other contaminants are minimal since the scrubs wouldn’t have to be replaced often.

3. It Is Easy To Identify Contaminants

The material used in making medical scrubs makes it easy for you to notice bodily waste and other contaminants that have landed on the clothing. This is critical in work areas that have high chances of germ transmission and harmful chemicals. Once these contaminants are identified in the work environment and on your scrubs, you can level up the sanitation protocols in your entire facility. This would ensure your and your patients’ safety at all times.

Depending on the medical facility you’re working for, you may be required to put on medical scrubs in a solid color like blue or white. Other establishments or departments may have relaxed policies and allow patterned or printed scrubs. No matter which one you’re using, it’s best to check the state of your clothing throughout the workday.

4. They Are Cleaner Than Other Types Of Clothing

The material of your scrubs is easy to clean and may give you a more sanitary experience while wearing them. The chemicals used to clean scrubs mostly after each use makes them safer for medical facilities than other kinds of clothes since they help reduce the chances of germs accumulating on the scrubs. And because it’s easy to spot contaminants and stains on them, the affected areas on the clothing will be given more attention during the cleaning process.

If you’re part of a facility that offers laundry services for healthcare personnel, you can expect the thorough cleaning to give you better long-term protection. All the steps involved in washing scrubs are aimed at reducing the transfer of contaminants and germs between you and your patients as well as visitors.

5. They Provide Convenience

Medical scrubs come with pockets that help you carry equipment and tools such as a penlight, bandage scissors, and a notebook. However, the number and size of pockets vary depending on the type of scrub. Some scrubs are manufactured with only a few pockets for a clean, minimal look.

Therefore, you need to decide on how many pockets you want your scrubs to have based on your work tasks. However, keep in mind that another factor that may affect your choice of scrubs is the dress code imposed in your facility. Some medical professionals are required to wear the same type of scrubs as their colleagues for uniformity. If you’re looking to get scrubs with more or bigger pockets, determine first if this is allowed by management.

6. They Make You Noticeable

Other professionals like firefighters and police put on uniforms to make themselves distinguishable. Likewise, it should be easy for your patients and colleagues to notice you while you’re at work. 

In a huge medical facility, it might be impossible to know who all your colleagues are. One solution that some establishments employ is requiring nurses to put on scrubs of a specific color to differentiate them from other staff members and healthcare practitioners. Colors may also be used to differentiate departments such as the intensive care unit (ICU), emergency care, and general care. Work badges can be utilized as well for the sake of identification.


Whether you’re a nurse, a doctor, or another type of medical practitioner, finding the right pair of medical scrubs that suits your job is a must. Ensure that you get durable, high-quality scrubs that give you flexibility, excellent protection from contaminants and germs, and cost-effectiveness. However, if you aren’t exposed to many risks in your work environment, you can always go for options that are slightly pricier than other scrubs as long as you can afford them and you think they’re worth the extra expense.

While medical scrubs are worn to keep your health and safety in check, you can protect yourself further by following a balanced diet to boost your immune system. Medical professionals, especially those on the front lines, need to take all the necessary measures to maintain and enhance their health so they can effectively help others.