6 Ways to Entertain Yourself Indoors During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a new reality to people around the world. Fear of uncertainty has left people in a panic and trying to adjust to their new daily lives. Due to closed schools, universities, cafés, cinemas, bans on gatherings and movements, and ideally, complete isolation, people spend more and more time in their homes. In addition to work, standard household chores, hobbies for those who have them, there is still a lot of spare time. But, as the World Health Organization has repeatedly said, it is not a time for panic but caution. Numerous online platforms have decided to offer content to people who spend time in isolation or quarantine because they can study, exercise, or have fun.

Learn About Magic Tricks

Is there anything more fun than magic? Is there anything more extraordinary than leaving others blown away? Thanks to magic, a child can become the king of any party in any place and any circumstance. We will mention some advantages of learning those tricks. They will develop their memory since many tricks require memorizing card arrangements, movements, scripts, etc. Also, they will develop their motor skills – mastering the space and learning how to coordinate your hands well with your gaze to dominate the audience. In addition, isn’t it true that all magicians know how to speak well in public, break the ice with strangers, and, in general, function better among people? Now there are many tutorials and videos on YouTube. For example, a magician from Bilbao has his channel. Several days a week, he posts tricks and solutions to them. It works for children and those who look out for them, like grandparents who want to surprise their grandchildren. Magic can be both – a hobby and a job. Half of the jobs that exist now will not live in 20 years, and the work of a magician or an illusionist will always be in demand.

The Importance Of Music 

Everyone likes to dance since it is an activity that distracts, entertains, and also allows us to exercise. Let the children play their favorite music and let each one show their best dance steps. In addition, it is something that also helps us forget about our problems and worries.  Psychologists explain an essential connection between the movement of our body and the rhythm of the music. Our attention is directed to these two parts, our motor system and following a musical rhythm. That stops us from focusing on problems and concerns. Although it is not as easy to disconnect as it is in dancing, it sometimes happens in the sport. There is an increase in dopamine and serotonin levels, which are the hormones that enhance the emotional level. In addition, it helps us channel adrenaline and induces joy which increases our vitality, motivation, and enthusiasm. Through the Youth Service, you can participate in dance contests to make confinement more bearable. 

Slot Games

Have you already tried some online slot games? Have fun, explore explore popular slot games, and enjoy as if you were in a real casino wherever you are – on your computer, tablet, or phone. Popular casino games guarantee a unique and exciting experience. Just like in a casino, any winning combination will increase your winnings. Rotate the reels with one click and try to get as many as possible by connecting various symbols and characters. You can also win free spins by combining bonus symbols and play longer without using credit. All winnings made in free spins will be added to the credits. Some slot games offer the opportunity to get a jackpot, so it’s worth a try. Once you have determined your bet, you can start playing. It would be best if you connected as many identical symbols per line as possible to win credits. Be sure to read the game rules and find out why each game is unique and different. Numerous exceptional environments and colorful characters await you. Discover them all and enjoy original online slot games. 3D symbols such as Pinocchio and Geppetto, the beautiful prophetess Gypsy Rose, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde, as well as many others, will be happy to keep you company and bring the game to life. 

Play Chess

“Imagine, son, that the white king is the evil coronavirus …”. One of the positive side effects of the pandemic is that many are discovering this game, one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to take advantage of your time. It is a proven fact that online chess is experiencing an unprecedented boom. It is not only suitable for developing logical skills, but it also helps socially and emotionally. Not only that, but it can expose latent skills that traditional educational media have not developed. Furthermore, chess instills self-confidence and self-esteem and improves communication and comprehension skills. On top of that, you can teach your children the values ​​of practice, focus, objectivity, and commitment. 

Practice Mindfulness

These days, when we have to combine work-telework, school work, and day-to-day life management, stopping and breathing can be very useful in carrying out these tasks in an atmosphere of greater tranquility. The society we live in has led us, little by little, to live in a hurry, connecting with stress and managing all sorts of things based on automatic responses. The pandemic has placed us in confinement where we have more than enough time to realize how things affect us. We should recognize that sometimes we do not know how to teach our children to live in the present. From our experience, by practicing mindfulness regularly and meditating, we can learn to manage what happens in each moment by consciously bringing our attention to the breath. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

According to the experts` predictions, this quarantine will have a notable impact on consumption and increase the generation of waste. It is, therefore, an ideal time to teach children what the “three Rs” (reduce, recycle and reuse) mean, what they are for, and how to apply them. For example, they can make three small garbage cans out of colored cardboard boxes (yellow, blue, and gray). Although they cannot go out, they will become aware of the importance of depositing the waste we generate in the appropriate containers. We can take advantage of this time of isolation with our children to give the children joint responsibility.