7 Tips on How To Use Brochure Templates for Your Takeout Menu

Brochure templates are, in fact, something that you need for your takeout menu. But before getting any brochure template for your takeout menu, there are certain things that you must avoid. These seven tips will help you to get what you exactly want. Here are some of the best tips that would work when you think about buying a good brochure template design.

1) Make sure what color combination is being used in the template design.

Whenever it is about making your own takeout menu just using a brochure template or choosing one from an online site, choose ones that consist of three colors only. The use of more than three colors makes the brochure look messy and hectic to read so always avoid them in order to get a perfect takeout menu.

2) The font size must be appropriate 

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the font size; make sure that your brochure design has fonts of great sizes and not very tiny or too large which makes reading difficult for the customers. So choose one with longer and wider fonts as this will help people read it easily and grab proper attention.

3) Keep white space intact.

It is another important tip; we all know how irritating it gets when there are many colors, text, images, etc., on a brochure so avoid them as much as you can so that the visitors find it easy to read your menu card. Keep some small amount of text, smaller images, and other elements on it to make it look beautiful but don’t overcrowd the main page of your menu card.

4) Don’t go for big texts.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is having large or very huge texts on any brochure are not at all attractive so avoid them at any cost. Keep some bit higher-sized texts on it so that people get attracted towards your takeout menu, this little touch will surely help you in getting more customers which is a great benefit for your restaurant business.

5) Avoid using different fonts.

This tip might be new for many of you; when there are two or three things on a brochure template then try to use similar fonts only otherwise the whole design looks really bad and unlikeable by the customers. So keep this tip in mind if you want to create a very beautiful takeout menu for your restaurant business. To give you an idea, here are some brochure examples from Venngage. 

6) Avoid many images on the first page.

This is one of the most important tips that would surely help you in making your own take out menu with an excellent design; always try to avoid having too many images on the main page as it will make them very less attractive which makes it difficult for people to read them easily. To avoid having too many images on the main page of your menu card.

7) Make it long enough.

Last but not least is keeping in mind the length of your takeout menu, make sure that your main menu brochure card should be long enough to cover every important detail or information about your restaurant business. So keep this tip in mind when you are making a beautiful takeout menu for your restaurant business.

Venngage: Your Ideal Brochure Maker

If you are looking for an easy-to-use editing platform that can do all of the above steps for you, then Venngage is the ideal one. It is a very simple and user-friendly platform that lets you create professional brochures in just minutes without any need for advanced designing knowledge or skills.

Venngage also gives you access to thousands of free brochure templates that will help you incorporate your restaurant’s branding into each design easily with its unique logo customization feature. You can change colors, fonts, images, etc., with only a few clicks. Make sure to check out this brochure maker template here.

So follow these tips carefully, don’t forget to read terms and conditions before getting any idea about take-out menu templates online or offline as there might be some hidden conditions associated with them so always check out the whole deal before getting one for yourself. You can also check out the Venngage takeout brochure maker online for free if you want to create a unique and beautiful takeout menu for your restaurant.