9 Military Themed Gifts for Your Veteran Loved Ones

When it comes to showing your gratitude to your loved ones that are veterans, actions speak louder volumes than words.

What better way to put some action beyond your affection than by giving a military-orientated gift to those special soldiers in your life?

They have made quite a sacrifice with their service, and your present is just that selfless act that can reinvigorate their sense of self-worth and remind them that their efforts haven’t been forgotten.

Honor and commemorate their hard work, whether they are a veteran of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, with any of these ideas for gifts for your loved ones that are veterans. 

Cutting Tool 

Gerber Gear has earned its long-lasting solid reputation for creating well-crafted cutting tools that would be ideal for a military veteran who you need to purchase a present for.

For instance, you could buy the Versafix Pro, designed with a compact fixed hybrid or a blade and a machete hybrid that is loaded with bonus features.

The skeletonized blade design gives rapid results with fewer efforts, thanks in part to its weight-forward construction.

With the blade’s beautiful finish, they will be receiving a cutting tool that is both sharp in the blade and sharp in appearance.

Sharp appearance. Forward jumping on the top of the blade gives grip when batoning, and the high comfort handle means less fatigue and hot spots. The slender multi-mount sheath has a push tab release for seamless deployment and re-sheathing.

Air Force Medals 

A perfect Air Force retirement gift is one that lets them show off all of their air force medals and accomplishments. 

Get them one that is an engraved and handcrafted keepsake box with military insignia as a way for your loved ones to display and maintain the memorabilia that symbolizes the major feats that they accomplished during their course of service.

American Flags to Display

Retirement can be a bitter-sweet situation. On the one hand, they can be more selfish with their time and focus on family and hobbies. 

On the other hand, it also marks the end of an era in their life that is filled with visceral memories, and it can become difficult to find a new way to be needed again.

Now you have the chance to let your veteran loved ones be reminded that they haven’t been forgotten and that their work has a sense of pride associated with it by getting them an American flag and a special case that comes equipped with an engraved placard. 

These are perfect Air Force retirement gifts since they can be displayed anywhere in the house, but also they show off their life’s accomplishments in the military as well as the pride they have in serving and protecting the country by finding high-quality american flags for sale and handing them to your loved ones. 

Durable Coffee Tumbler  

Remember, working in the military considers a lot of long-hour days when they wake up really early, go to bed really late, and are expected to perform at a high physical level that requires a lot of energy and focus.

Give that soldier the gift of caffeine with a durable coffee tumbler for them to start their mornings with a burst of liquid energy to snap them out of their slumber. 

Having a durable coffee mug that can withstand being dropped, even in the retirement stage of their life, is a great way to encourage them to leave the coffee mug at home and go outdoors and make new memories. 

Combat Boots 

One benefit to being in the military is never having to worry about what you’re going to wear or what shoes go best with your outfit. 

For the most part, your service member will wear the same pair of combat boots every single day until they’ve worn through the soles.

It won’t hurt to tell the veteran that you love the second pair of combat boots in order for them to be able to alternate between different pairs and not have to wear out a singular pair too quickly. 

Just make sure that you have figured out which types of combat boots are typical for them to wear in their line of service and for their personal taste, as well as the obvious question of what size they wear.  


After spending countless years out in the field, down at the range, or driving to work, military officers have learned to appreciate having clear visibility, and a proper pair of sunglasses can help them protect their eyes from glare in retirement.  

It is recommended to pick out a pair of sunglasses that have 

interchangeable lenses to make them useful in various situations. 

In fact, the brand Oakley which makes quality sunglasses happens to be a partner with the U.S. Armed Forces.

Emergency LED Flashlight and Phone Charger

If you are on the lookout for a military-themed gift that can be used regularly, consider going with an emergency LED flashlight and phone charger that is solar-powered or hand crank and is equipped with a built-in USB charging port that can be a lighting option for multiple situations and can last between many hours. 

The Night Sky Star Map 

The Night Sky Star Map is a unique gift for a military veteran, which is a map that showcases the exact alignment of the stars on an exact date in a particular place that you enter into the website.

This personalized present can be ideal for a wedding anniversary, a birthday, or even for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. 


Multitools are gifts that are great for service members who are very handy and may need to use pliers, scissors, or screwdrivers and can benefit from having them all combined together in one package.  

Even if your loved one already has a multitool, being that these things go through a lot of pressure when they are put to use, it is a good idea to have a backup, making it the type of gift that you don’t have to check in to find out if they already have one.