A sales funnel as an effective tool in Instagram marketing

Among modern business promotion tools, online entrepreneurs are focusing on Instagram marketing. There are situations when the advertising budget is used but the final results do not meet expectations. Users look for Instagram growth service to make a remarkable growth and look for a more systematic marketing approach. In this article, we will look at the sales funnel as an effective promotion model.

How to increase conversion in sales?

A funnel is a marketing tool that helps make sales on Instagram systematic, predictable, and scalable. This is the way of the potential client from product introduction to purchasing. Automatic sales funnel helps to get more profit from the current investment you make in the business. By setting up an automatic system, you reduce the need to involve contractors or own time resources in work. The current tool is used to increase sales in offline and online marketing, including social networks. 

To begin with, it is important to create a portrait of the target audience. Analyze competitors to determine their successful decisions and understand persons’ categories to attract at the upper stage of the funnel. Realize facts, triggers, arguments that can be used to promote them to purchase.

Before implementing a funnel, you need to prepare your account for receiving traffic. In the profile description, write correct positioning. From the first seconds, a person should understand who you are, what’s your activity, and how you can be useful to him. Make the visual part of your content high-quality and attractive. The appearance of the profile determines the desire of visitors to immerse further in your content.

Build a varied content plan, revealing you as a multifaceted person. To create a trusting first impression, it is important to raise activity metrics and buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments.

Sales funnel stages on Instagram

The first step in creating a funnel is to set up traffic. You can attract the audience’s attention using targeted advertisements or cooperating with bloggers. At this stage, to increase conversions, lead magnets are often used. For example, checklists, short videos with answers to the main questions of the potential buyer. Useful free materials are good at warming up the audience who is not ready to buy products right away. They provide an easy entry into the funnel, as a person, in exchange for useful material, leaves contacts or subscribes to an account. Depending on the targeted actions, you can develop different strategies for further interaction:  write warm-up letters using auto-mailer services or chat bots on social networks. The user begins to consistently receive a chain of messages that will lead him to purchase. You can create a sequence of posts on your Instagram profile that guides the customer step by step along the path from getting to know your product to the moment when he makes a purchase decision and leaves a request.

It is important to interest the user and to provoke a desire to consciously study information about you. You can attract and retain attention with engaging and interactive content.

The next step is to create a need. Post content revealing pains and desires, with which your product helps. A person begins to be interested in specifics – price, conditions, delivery methods. At this stage, promotions and special offers are suitable to push to buy.

Use a social proof trigger in the form of reviews and cases. The high level of popularity helps to speed up the decision-making process. Therefore, at the first stages of promotion, it is effective to buy Instagram followers and other quantitative indicators.

Set up re-targeting, it helps to make up sales to those people who have already made purchases and warms up the audience who only visited your page or interacted with the content.

Finally, a sales funnel, like any marketing tool, needs to be tested. It is important to conduct test campaigns and monitor statistics indicators: conversion at each stage, final conversion from attracted traffic to leads, cost per lead. It is worth optimizing the funnel regularly: test new audiences, hypotheses regarding advertising messages, benefits and triggers in messages and posts, add lead magnets at different stages of the funnel, improve the chat bot taking into account different scenarios and user behavior.