A short guide on custom cloud application development

Statistics confirm the efficiency of the cloud: around 10% of businesses adopt cloud solutions to optimise their workflow. In this post, we will consider the most visible benefits of cloud solutions and discuss how to choose reliable IT vendors skilled in custom cloud application development. But first, let us begin with the basics to get you to know the technology better. In this post, cloud computing experts from PNN Tech will briefly share their knowledge on the topic and overview its benefits. 

Question 1. What is cloud computing?

The main distinctive feature of cloud solutions is that they can be highly configurable. It implies providing your company with numerous specific features and functions tailor-made for individual business inquires or needs. 

As for traditional computing services, both hardware and software are taken from one centralised location. It will require additional investments if you intend to modify, maintain or customise the system. Compared to cloud services, traditional platforms lack scalability and can not boast of offering remote data access for all stakeholders. 

Question 2. Why are cloud services beneficial for business owners?

– Flexibility

Since you have an agreement with IT vendors, you obtain a highly flexible platform, which you can smoothly modify while scaling your business. It applies not only to functions or primary features but also to architecture itself – so changes will impact an entirely digital environment. 

– Support from professionals

Experienced partners take full responsibility for round-the-clock support: if any issues arise, you can contact software engineers 24/7. At PNN Soft, we guarantee prompt help with any question you cannot find answers to using chatbots or need further clarification. 

– Cloud security

As a cloud is vulnerable to cyberattacks by its nature, IT vendors strongly emphasise security strengthening: compliance with regulations, multiple encryptions and data recovery options. For the banking sector, it is crucial, as the system includes financial reports, passwords and bank account credentials.

– Cost-efficiency

Even though, from the start, cloud solutions are more expensive to adapt compared to standard systems, the potential advantages of the former overweight traditional computing services’ merits. Simply because, the cloud usually contains the package of services from which you can select the most suitable ones. 

Question 3. How to choose a reliable custom cloud agency?

Here is a short list of primary criteria worth considering:

– Data governance and security standards

Compliance with security protocols is a must for cloud computing vendors, specifically with ISO 27001. You also need to clarify whether a partner has the technical resources to offer you a robust data governance mechanism and adherence to standards and regulations. 

– Transparency 

Feel free to ask your future vendors about pricing options, including hypothetical costs for upscaling or downscaling. To make a conversation more productive, you have to write a complete list of requirements and formulate your primary suggestions. 

– Manageability and customisability

The level of a vendor’s flexibility largely determines how difficult or smooth the configuration or migration will be carried out. Another highlight is defining the scope of work needed for building an infrastructure and corresponding migration. 

– Post-development support and a detailed exit strategy

From the beginning, stakeholders have to consider possible post-release fixes and additions. Plus, data access and storage need to be included in a precise exit strategy developed by software engineers. 

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