A short guide on taking Delta-8 for the first time

The latest reports on Statista show that stress and burnout have increasingly affected people, especially employees. It’s not something new, because we’ve all experienced stress lately, as working from home made employers think people have more time for tasks, therefore increasing the workload. Another factor for the stress includes the uncertainty of the future, along with the unbearable pressure of not doing something more with their lives.

So, people were looking for something to bring calmness into their lives and fit their lifestyles. Curiously, the use of cannabis components has increased these years as a response to this issue. After some experiments and research, we came to the conclusion that most of them are safe, and they became legal in some regions. But you can’t take them without talking to your doctor first, so before doing that, here’s a short insight on one of the cannabis components, Delta-8.

What is Delta-8?

The Delta-8 component comes from the cannabis component, which has plenty of other active and inactive ingredients. The main plant is used a lot in the medical industry, as it provides ease in most physical pain problems and it can combat anxiety. What do these components have in common? Well, depending on the concentration of THC, some of them can give you a “high” feeling, especially if you’re taking the wrong dose. This is why checking all labels when purchasing products from the Internet is important.

The good Delta-8 products can help you relax, sleep better, stimulate your appetite and relieve pain. Depending on your tolerance or the product’s intensity, it can take 30 minutes to a few hours to feel these effects. You can take Delta-8 under many forms, from gummies and flowers to chocolate and drinks. If you want to shop Delta 8 flower online, down below are some basic guidelines to help you purchase the best product.

Choose qualitative ingredients

When looking into the market for the best Delta-8 products, you need to choose the websites that are selling carefully and check the plant’s origin and extraction methods. 

First, ensure the website provides accurate information and that they’re not selling miraculous treatments for your health problems or other issues. Then, look at the origin of the plant and look for more information about the supplier. Finally, look into the extraction method and make sure it wasn’t too labor-intensive and the plants weren’t exposed to too many processes.

After you’ve decided on a product and you got your hands on it, don’t be too excited to try it and carefully read the label’s ingredients. Your Delta-8 product shouldn’t contain delta-9 THC, making it illegal and probably bad for your health. There are some quality standards for hemp, depending on whether the plant can be classified into a broad or fortified spectrum.

Consider your health condition

Whether you take Delta 8 for recreational or pain relief purposes, it can interfere with some health issues, just like different medications can meddle with each other. So, before taking it, it’s best to consult with your doctor and ensure that none of your health problems will be affected by this cannabis component. 

For example, it wouldn’t be a good idea to mix Delta-8 with antidepressants, Adderall or thyroid medication because you don’t know how your body will react to these combinations. If you’ve ever heard about drug cocktails, you know they’re not the best cocktails you’ll ever have.

How to take Delta-8 products

Another important aspect of taking Delta 8 is, among its quality, the dosage. When experimenting for the first time, you should take the smallest dose possible to ensure that it won’t affect you. The dosage depends on two factors: tolerance (how your body deals with the product’s effects) and type of product. Therefore:

  • For a low tolerance: 5-15 mg per serving
  • For a medium tolerance: 15-45 mg per serving
  • For a high tolerance: 45-150 mg per serving

After that, the dosage might fluctuate according to the type of product. Luckily, on the best products, you can find the dose recommended on the label, so you won’t have to worry about looking it up yourself and mistakenly taking more than enough.

There are plenty of products that contain Delta-8, so they suit your preferences, like:

  • Gummies that are easy to take for beginners because you can regulate the doses
  • Oils and tinctures that need to be taken by putting a few drops under the tongue
  • Vape, which is one of the easiest ways to consume Delta-8

Lately, you can find small doses of Delta-8 in special chocolates and drinks. Or, if you like it the classic way, you can only smoke Delta-8 flowers; it’s up to you as long as you’re not exceeding the recommended dosage.

Other alternatives to Delta-8

Still, if you want to start with a cannabis component that’s less likely to give you that “high” feeling, you could try CBD (cannabidiol), which is non-psychoactive. The best CBD is full-spectrum, as it has small amounts of THC, and it’s been studied enough to be included in medicine for treating epilepsy (Epidolex). So, when purchasing CBD, consider these criteria:

  • The product is made by a company that provides testing proof by a compliant lab (passes tests for pesticides, molds and heavy metals)
  • The company discloses the source of its hemp and the ingredients used for the final product
  • The company is certified for manufacturing hemp

Don’t forget about the reviews on the website from other people. A red flag is the lack of them or the absence of a few negative comments here and there. Additionally, you can look for social media groups that address people’s experiences with the use of CBD or other cannabis components.

In conclusion, research thoroughly before trying Delta-8 or any other cannabis component for the first time because you don’t know how your body will tolerate it. Make sure your doctor approves its usage and buy Delta-8 products only from trusted sources with certified ingredients and extraction methods.