A Surprisingly Simple Guide on How to Say Goodbye to Alcohol for Good

Unfortunately, it is entirely accurate to state that, fairly unequivocally, the more tempting and more enjoyable something is, the more it should be undertaken in moderation. 

Now, with one such temptation being that of alcohol, misuse of such a vice can cause a horrifying number of health issues, to varying degrees depending on the level of addiction. There is categorically no way that you could break your habit of regularly drinking alcohol if you are not wholly dedicated to trying. 

However, to help, continue reading for a surprisingly simple guide on how to say goodbye to alcohol for good. 

Identify Your Triggers

As with any behavior, pattern or habit you are hoping to break and are looking to take back control of those moments whereby you give into temptation, it is incredibly helpful to start learning how to identify your triggers.

Everyone is an individual, but there are, especially when it comes to alcohol consumption, common triggers that are experienced by millions of people up and down the country and beyond.

Such common triggers include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • Negative emotions
  • Social isolation
  • A life change such as a new job or moving house
  • A failing relationship 
  • A decreased sex drive
  • Social situations
  • Stress

Find Enthralling Alternatives

As touched upon above, someone who wants to reduce their regular alcoholic intake needs to take positive and proactive steps to help themselves and no amount of training, education, or courses can ever serve to help if they are unwilling to try.

One fantastic place to start is to look for enthralling, thirst-quenching alternatives. Take a look at the plethora of benefits of kava vs alcohol and start to expand your repertoire of drinks you love. 

Keep a Diary of When You Drink

Sometimes, the most helpful way to change a particular behavioral pattern is to apply a level of objectivity to the situation and there is no better way to do this than to start a diary. 

For around a month, starting today, keep a track of every time you have a drink, recording the date and time, the amount of alcohol you consume, and the specific drink you choose each time. In addition to recording your alcohol consumption, you could also begin to track your emotions and your thoughts surrounding each drinking session, which may help you avoid certain triggers moving forward. 

Make Sensible Social Choices

Nobody would ever dream of suggesting simply stopping going out to bars and clubs to avoid the temptation of alcohol, as this is not in the least bit sustainable in the long run and would essentially set you up for failure.

Instead, however, at least for the first few weeks, try to suggest alternatives when meeting up with friends and family members, to go out drinking on the weekend and instead book an adventure, a paintballing session, or a spa day – anything that does not have the ever-present temptation of alcohol.