All You Needed to Know about the Benefits of PMP Training

In today’s age of competition and overall industrial excellence, academic qualifications do not seem to be enough. To land a high-powered job, one needs extra qualifications and certifications that prove they are more deserving than the other candidates. These types of qualifications are widely available and they focus on various different things that are required in different industries. Being able to lead and manage is required by every line of work. If companies find a certified leader among their applicants, the chance of hiring them increases a lot. Project Management Professional or PMP training is one such certification that helps in advancing a career.

An Introduction to PMP

Project Management Professional is a course offered by a non-profit professional organization in the US called Project Management Institute. It is a globally recognized certification that teaches how to lead and design projects. Project Management is an essential process in any organization. A respected credential as PMP is an essential requirement for project managers.  PMP training makes sure one is armed with the knowledge and skill-set required to efficiently manage and lead a project. 

Benefits of PMP training

PMP training has numerous benefits that help in the growth of one’s career-

  • Important Addition to the Resume-

There are numerous professional certifications in the industry but PMP is preferred by most industries worldwide. Companies are always looking for project managers but interviewing each one is very difficult and a waste of time and money. A PMP certification in a resume makes one a more attractive candidate. The possibility of them entering the shortlist of prioritized candidates increases and they are very likely to get the job. Many companies that require project managers are making PMP a mandatory qualification. Without PMP training the list of prospective companies where you might want a job decreases. Research proves that with PMP certified managers the success of projects increases because they can push the productivity so the project is completed in time without any cost on the quality. If a resume features a certification such as PMP, it immediately attracts attention, which is required in every industry in today’s age of competition.

  • Higher Income- 

The best thing a PMP training will do for you is that it will make sure your salary increases. It is seen that uncertified project managers earn $10,000-$20,000 less than certified ones. A higher salary is an advantage for every single person on the planet. Globally, a trend is observed where certified project managers have the ability to earn up to 20% more. Why would somebody not want to take a chance that will increase their salary by that much?

  • Company Success-

A PMP training not only helps in getting a job but also helps in improving one. An employee with a PMP certification is more likely to get promoted than others. The skills and experience of the training ensure that one is dedicated to the job.  A PMP certification makes sure that one reaches the heights of their professional career easily and swiftly.

Getting PMP training is really advantageous for someone who is willing to put effort into growing their professional career.