An early form of Australian cricket

There are many sports that belong to the bat and ball category. The most known examples are cricket and baseball. You can join bet company in order to start wagering on those disciplines. These sports that are currently highly consolidated are the result of the merger and divergence of other activities that existed in the past.

It can be argued that one of the predecessors to modern cricket was a sport known as Vigoro. This discipline was created in England, and can basically be seen as a mixture of cricket and tennis. A great reason to join the 1xBet bet company is to wager on English cricket.

Yet, this sport was extremely popular not in England but in the opposite side of the world. This is because Australian women were the group among which this sport was more popular.

Beginnings with tennis stars

A Vigoro game was played in 1902 at the Marylebone Cricket Club. However, it was not only attended by cricket players or amateurs, instead, some professional tennis players took part in it. Punters can visit the 1xBet – try online cricket betting and also tennis wagers on the best competitions throughout the world.

Some of the names who participated in that match included:

  • Eustace Miles;
  • Laurence Doherty;
  • and Reginald Roherty.

Of course, this group was led by a professional cricketer. Specifically, Bobby Abel, who was a batsman for Surrey at the time, captained the team. Punters can try online cricket betting on Surrey and all the other squads from the County Championship at the 1xBet website.

What does a Vigoro game look like

In order to play a Vigoro game, it is necessary to have a pitch that is roughly of the similar size of a cricket one. Also, it is important to note that the balls used for Vigoro are considerably lighter than the ones used in real cricket. While waiting for the best games of this sport, punters can play live casino 1xBet and explore its great selection of games.

Just as in cricket, there are two squads that face each other. Each one of them features 12 players in total. The idea is to achieve a greater number of runs than the opposing squads.

Another crucial difference with cricket corresponds to the number of batters present at the same time. In cricket, two batters run at the same time, however, in Vigoro there is only one of them.

Yet, there are still many similarities with mainstream cricket. For example, players can also be dismissed in similar ways as in a cricket game. Examples include being run out, hit the ball twice, bowled, etc. Before the next cricket match starts, you can play on the great live casino of 1xBet, which has highly entertaining and rewarding games.