An introductory essay that sells you to any business school

It is no secret that each business school has its own list of requirements for candidates, however, first of all, most business schools are looking for students with a personality of leaders, and not just those who fit all points of the profile. That is why a great essay with the right emphasis on the winning qualities and achievements of the applicant is the key to successful admission and if you can`t write it by yourself you can always use any college essay help.

So how do you write the right essay that will make the admissions office believe that you are the best candidate? To do this, you need to follow a few simple but effective tips:

1. Be yourself

Despite the widespread belief that the admissions committee is guided by clear indicators (GMAT scores, GPA, work experience, etc.) when making a decision, admissions officials are still people, and they also prefer to choose candidates who are pleasant to them. In order to become such, you must not be stereotyped and try to portray yourself as someone who you are not.

2. Don’t try to impress the reader

The main thing is to honestly and as objectively as possible reflect your achievements, skills and characteristics through the essay. Try to avoid phrases likeremarkable skillsandunique ability“. Believe me, many write about themselves like this, but few of them believe. Do not be afraid to raise the topic of your shortcomings, admit them in the context of opportunities for development.

3. Try to avoidI

The paradox of a business school essay is that, on the one hand, you need to write hundreds of words about yourself, but on the other hand, you should never seem selfcentered or narcissistic. In order for this to work, try to talk as much as possible about what you have done, and not about how good you are.

4. Errors and misprints

Errors and misprints are unlikely to help you appear before the admissions office as an educated person. Therefore, it is advisable to check the work not only on your own, but also to give it to a linguist for proofreading, and even better to a native speaker.

5. Banal phrases

Just imagine how many essays on the same topic are read by admissions officers, so try to avoid banal phrases likethink outside of the boxandwant to help people.” Wellknown examples about leadership will also not help you stand out from Choose a nonstandard and interesting way of telling about yourself, and you will at least be remembered, but as a maximum, you should immediately decide to enroll in a business school

6. Think positively

A gloomy view of things is unlikely to help you please the admissions committee. After all, the style of the text is always associated with the type of thinking of the writer, and the reader’s attitude to the written (in this case, dislike) is transmitted to the author. Try to give a positive assessment to the entire essay described.

7. Feel sorry for the admissions committee

Respect the work of a person who spends more than one day reading an essay, and do not try to write more than required, this is unlikely to be appreciated.

8. Prepare in advance

Start writing your essay as early as possible, preferably as soon as the topics become known. After all, when a candidate starts writing an essay 24 hours before the deadline, the quality can be forgotten.

9. Confused by the phrase? Cross out!

When the essay is ready and reread many times, reread it again and remove everything that can be attributed towater“. Leave all the specifics, and do not regret deleting even beautiful, but empty phrases.

10. Research and reach out to your audience

Try to write about the qualities and achievements that a particular business school sees in its potential student. Do not focus on what the school is not looking for, even if it is your merit.

11. Remove unnecessary parts

If, after rereading your essay, you start yawning at a certain point, feel free to rewrite or even delete this part. If your own writing style bores you, the admissions office won’t enjoy reading it either.

12. Make it neat and accurate

Don’t include photos and graphics, and make sure your essay is neatly formatted and easy to read.

13. Be original

Try to read your essay through the eyes of the admissions committee. Try to think of the trivial stories they read most of the time and don’t repeat them.

14. Take risks

Considering the possible side effects, consider risky options for getting attention, if necessary. An example of this approach would be to make some unexpected confession or be a little more sincere in your personal statement.

15. Relax and Wait

After you’ve done your best to polish your document, sit back and relax. At the moment, you cannot influence the outcome. Hope for the best and an acceptance letter may arrive before you even worry.