Apply These 5 Secret Tips To Make Lace Front Wigs Looks Natural

Hair salons are progressively reopening around the country after being closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, in most places, stay-at-home orders are still in force, which means many of us will be dealing with hair issues for another week. 

Thankfully, wigs are available to assist us to deal with bad hair days. We also sought advice from an expert on how to make the units appear more natural. 

The  Luvmehair offers lace front wigs, 100 % virgin hair extensions, and ready-to-wear wigs, with free installations. In this article, I am gonna sharing the top 5 tips to make your lace front wigs seem as natural as your own hair.

1. Before purchasing a hair wig, know your head size

Choosing a hair system that fits your head is critical, whether you wear a lace front wig or a non-lace front wig. Finding a wig that is the correct size for you, neither too tight nor too loose, and that makes you feel comfortable. It also helps to make the hair appear more natural. If you’re not sure how to measure for a lace wig from scratch, get advice from someone who has done it before. 

So, how can you make a low-cost lace front wig appear natural? Know your size and get a wig that fits you perfectly. You may have a small, medium, or big wig depending on your measurements. Do tell the Luvmehair about your head size and get the perfect lace front wig that makes you more confident and dasing. 

2. Choosing The Correct Lace Front Wig Color 

Aside from the face form, choosing the proper color of lace front wig for your skin tone is also crucial. The color of the lace and the color of the wig hair are both considered in this discussion. 

It differs from the full lace wig in terms of lace color. The medium brown lace front wig and the transparent lace wig are both well-known. The transparent lace front human hair wig is also known as the 13×6 lace front wig at Dsoarhair, while the medium brown lace front human hair wig is also known as the 13×4 lace front wig. So, how do you make a decision?

3. Get a haircut that matches your face shape  

It is an inescapable reality that every woman desires a fantastic haircut. If you cut your bio hair, you might have to wait two weeks to acquire the hair you want. There is a technique to have attractive hair without cutting your natural hair. You can style and trim the hair system if you have good styling skills. If not, take it to a hair salon and ask for some layers or jagged edges to be trimmed in. Get a haircut that complements your face shape. Also, before getting your hair trimmed, you should wear a wig so that your hairdresser understands what haircut would look best on your face.

4. Cut Your Wig 

“It is a universal fact that a lady in need of a superb hairdo must wait at least two weeks after her haircut for her hair to grow out a little,” says the author. – Jane Austen’s Favorite Outfits 

We usually aren’t totally satisfied with a new haircut until it has had time to grow out. Take your wig to a hairdresser and ask her to chop in some layers or jagged edges with a razor to replicate that natural, grown-out look.

5. Keeping the Lace Front Wig in Good Condition 

Paying attention to the washing, drying, style, and maintaining methods of your human lace front wigs with baby hair can improve the natural-looking appearance of your lace front wig.

Try out some of Luvmehair’s favorite tips and tactics for making your lace front wig seem natural now that you’ve discovered some of our favorites!