Attending an Event? Here’s How to Dress Up

Dressing up has many benefits. It’s a way to show off your personality and style, it’s more comfortable than jeans and a t-shirt, and you can get away with wearing something that might not be appropriate for everyday life. But dressing up isn’t always easy. You may not know what to wear or how formal the event will be. And who wants to spend hours at the mall trying on clothes? That’s why we created this blog. We have everything from tips on choosing outfits to outfit ideas for all different types of events. We hope you enjoy these tips and tricks.


1 – The Event

Before you go out to the store, search for information on the event. Are there any dress codes? Is it formal or informal? Are there specific colors that should be avoided? All of this information can be found by looking at past events hosted by the same group, reading about it online, calling the organization hosting it, or even asking on social media. Why not try searching “evening dresses 2022” for some inspiration? This could really calm your nerves.

2 – Outfit Ideas for Specific Events

Any type of event can be broken down into smaller events, so this part will be slightly different depending on the occasion.

Formal Events (Think black tie)

– Cocktail Attire: A cocktail dress or a simple black dress is perfect for this type of formal event. Try to find something with a little sparkle to make yourself stand out without going overboard. A great pair of shoes and some simple jewelry will complete the look.

– Semi-Formal: This type of event is somewhere between formal and casual, so we recommend a nice pants outfit, like black dress pants and a pretty top for women or a nice blazer and dress shirt for men. You can also wear a skirt or skort (a short skirt that is somewhat like a pant) instead of pants with this type of outfit.

– Formal: A little black dress is perfect for this type of event, but if you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of other colors that can be appropriate as well. You can even wear a light color and still look formal.

– Casual: A nice pair of jeans, a pretty top and some high heels will look nice for this type of event.

Casual Events (Think back to school)

– Dressy Casual: Throw on your favorite dress with some comfortable shoes for this type of casual event. Make sure the dress is appropriate for the occasion, but other than that, you should be good to go.

– Semi Casual: For this type of event, it’s best to wear something dressy but not too dressy. Women can wear a dress or skirt with a nice blouse. Men can wear slacks with a button-down shirt. Both should consider wearing comfortable shoes, especially since they may be on their feet during the event.

– Casual: Jeans are perfect for this type of casual event. They’ll look fine for even the most casual event. Pair them with some cute shoes, a button-down shirt or sweater, and some comfortable flats to complete the look.

As for what to do with your hair and makeup, keep it simple. For instance, if you’re going to an event during the day, keep your hair down and simple. If you’re going to an event during the night, try a half-up-half-down look with a soft curl to keep it from getting messy as the night goes on.

3 – The Outfit

Finally, you have your outfit picked out. Now it’s time to go shopping.

Here are some important things to remember when you are picking out your outfit for the event. Make sure that whatever you wear fits you well and flatters your body. For women, make sure both the dress/skirt and shoes aren’t too short and the top doesn’t show cleavage. For men, make sure that both pants and shirt aren’t too baggy and nothing is showing that shouldn’t be (i.e. your stomach, chest, etc.)

– Women: If you are wearing a dress or skirt, make sure that you are able to sit down without revealing too much. If it is a little short, you can always wear shorts underneath.

– Men: If you’re going to a semi-formal or have a black-tie event, make sure your suit is a proper fit. It shouldn’t be baggy.

– Women: Whenever you’re wearing high heels, make sure you are still able to walk around comfortably. You don’t want to end up with a broken ankle.

– Men: If you’re wearing a tie, make sure it’s not too tight around your neck or people won’t be able to breathe.

– Women: Keep a nice pair of flats in your car or purse so you can change into them if need be. You don’t want to have a broken heel or a swollen foot. Keep some Band-Aids in your purse too in case the strap on your shoes rubs against your foot and gets blisters.

– Men: Be prepared for anything. Keep some Band-Aids, moleskin (for any shoe blisters), and a few extra pairs of socks, underwear, and pants in your car or coat pocket just in case. You never know what might happen.

– Women: Don’t forget the accessories like earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, and hair clips. You don’t want to lose anything.

– Men: Your watch and shoes should be clean and your belt should match your shoes.

– Women: Your earrings and necklace should match your outfit. If you’re not wearing a necklace, make sure your earrings are small enough so they don’t touch your shoulders.

– Men: Your matching watch, belt, and shoes should all be clean.

While it’s important to dress appropriately for the event you’re attending, it’s also important to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. That’s why we’ve given you a variety of different outfit ideas that will work for any type of event, whether it’s formal or casual. We’ve also included some tips on what to look for when shopping for your outfit and how to make sure everything fits well. So no matter what type of event you have coming up, you’ll be able to find the perfect outfit.