Benefits Of QuickBooks Hosting For Small Businesses

Accounting is one of the most important processes, as it enables companies and businesses to track their overall execution and expenses. Accounting is a time-consuming process, and a lot of resources and effort are to be is used by major companies and businesses. Intuit had developed the software with unique industry-leading tools and integrations, which makes the overall accounting process much more efficient and easier.

QuickBooks Desktop has been a go-to software for accounting for all businesses and companies in the past 15 years. Most chartered accountants, bookkeepers, and other finance professionals know what QuickBooks is due to its popularity and functionality. Businesses can also host the software on the cloud through QuickBooks Hosting Providers, to implement the power of the cloud and also make other processes efficient. Below small businesses can come across the benefits they get while using QuickBooks Hosting.

Reduced IT Infrastructure and Cost

Cutting costs is one of the most important tasks for all small businesses as their overall budget is tight and limited. Small businesses are always seeking opportunities to cut down costs. By hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, small businesses can cut down some of these costs easily. As the software is accessible from anywhere at any time, the businesses do not have to set up a dedicated infrastructure on site.

When compared to traditional QuickBooks, when the software is hosted on the cloud, it requires fewer resources to run which helps cut down on the Infrastructure costs. Also, as the cloud servers are being regularly maintained by the hosting providers, businesses do not need to hire an IT professional team to maintain the servers, which helps eliminate the overhead costs.


Today, data is one of the most important things for every business, as reputation, consumer privacy, and factors as such depend upon the data stored and handled by the businesses. When a business uses a cloud service for QuickBooks, all the data is stored on the secured servers of the cloud providers, which can be accessed through a combination of login ID and password. This makes sure that no third party or a person outside the organization can access the data without any authorization. Businesses can also host QuickBooks on Virtual Desktop Cloud to get the security benefit of the Windows firewall. Also, the latest security trends are practiced over the cloud servers which avoid security breaches and data theft.  

Automatic Updates

Businesses need to be up to date with all the new features and settings which are provided in form of updates and upgrades which means that QuickBooks software needs to be updated from time to time. Nevertheless, it can be a tiresome task for businesses to keep track of the updates. With QuickBooks hosting, the cloud provider takes care of these updates and makes sure that the version of QuickBooks being used is always the latest available.

As you see, these were some of the benefits small businesses get when using QuickBooks hosting as it helps automate some tasks and also enhances the overall performance. Apps4Rent provides hosting services for the QuickBooks lineup with round-the-clock support and security. They also provide migration services such as O365 Tenant to Tenant Migration with reliable end-user support.