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Best Apps for Book Lovers

A lot of book lovers may prefer paper. However, it is not always that your favorite book will be available in paper format. In other instances, you want to read several books while traveling, yet you cannot carry all of them in a bag. Thanks to book apps, you can keep reading wherever you will be.


Book lovers are spoilt of choice regarding the apps to use. If you have a university assignment yet would like to read your favorite novel or book instead of spending your time in the library, you can get professional thesis help. This leaves you with all the time to read through your favorite titles.

With numerous book apps in the market already, you will be spoilt of choice. From an expert perspective, it is not all apps will provide a good reading experience. How then do you choose the best reading app?

  • Availability on your device- apps are designed for different gadgets. While many apps are available on all operating systems, some devices come with restrictions. Some features might also not open on your phone or tablet. Choose an app that runs smoothly on your gadget to provide a seamless reading experience.
  • Provision of a wide variety of books- what books or variety of books can you access from the app? Apps are designed to serve different purposes. For instance, an app target students while another targets biography readers. Language may also mean that you cannot access some of the books. Check the list of books, authors, and publishers available on an app before downloading it on any gadget.
  • Features available on the app- the efficiency of an app depends on the features it offers. Apps also come with dynamic features that will affect your reading experience. For instance, one may allow comments and bookmarks. Other apps allow purchase, download, and even sharing of materials. Such features will make reading interesting or interrupted.
  • Ads or no ads- one of the most sensitive elements of apps is the availability of ads. Most free apps come with ads. It leaves you with a choice of ads or a premium subscription.

Since apps come in different varieties, it is not possible to list all the features to look out for in an app. That said, here are some of the best apps for book lovers.


Do you love listening to books instead of reading? Or do you commute through noisy traffic and would like to use your time more valuably, the Audible should be your best friend. Audible offers the largest collection of books in the market today. You have a search button to choose your favorite author, publisher, topic, or even narrator.

The thing about Audible is that you can access the books from any device. The books on the platform also come with full-cast performance, helping you to get immersed in the book. With a 30 days trial period, you will have an idea of what you are buying. Once you buy the book, it remains yours forever.

Good Reads

The title suggests access to the best books in the market. True to the title, the app provides some of the best books you can think of in the market. An interesting feature of Good Reads is the search function. You get reviews about a book from other readers, helping you to make a better decision. The app is available on Android and iOS. Each book comes at a unique and highly reasonable price. You purchase lifetime access to some of the best-sellers over the years.


The app is available on both iOS and Android. The app allows access to some of the newest titles in the market. For readers, this is the place to hunt for new plots and writing styles. The app also allows writers to access helpful resources that will boost their writing careers. On the app, there are big-time publishers who deliver scintillating titles from time to time. You can call WattPad a meeting point for writers and readers.


The developers must operate under the mantras that a good writer requires supportive readers. The app brings together readers and writers. As you prepare your profile, you will get suggestions of books that will fit your choices. You avoid searching endlessly through titles that you are not interested in reading.