Best Online Roulette Strategies & Systems That Work

Best Online Roulette Strategies for Beginners

If you want to play roulette online, there are two things you need to do: One, find a good roulette site. There are many resources you can use for this, and in a few minutes, you can see, for example, the best roulette sites for US players. The second is to use a strategy that really works: with the right tactics and systems. You can increase your chances of winning or at least limit your losses. But there are many roulette strategies you can use, and you may be wondering which ones really work: Below, we answer that question for you.

Strategies to Keep You Increasing the Bet

Strategies in this category do not affect your chances of winning in any way. These are systems that focus on making efficient use of your money (known as bankroll). In other words, they tell you what your stake should be. The basic rule for all of them is the same: they want you to constantly increase your stakes according to a certain system. The rate of escalation is different in every strategy, with some going fast, others slow. But in any case, you keep increasing your bet until you get a win. The idea is to make sure that when you make a win, it’s big enough to cover all your losses.

These strategies are commonly called “progressive betting,” and the most famous one is Martingale. This strategy asks you to double your stake after every loss and is very easy to use because that’s all you need to do. For example, if you start playing with 2 units and lose, you must increase the bet to 4 units (2 x 2) in the next round. If you lose again, your bet for the next round is 8 units (4 x 2). Your bets go like this, 16, 32, 64 units etc until you win. When you get a win, you reset this chain and start over.

Contrary to popular belief, Martingale and all other progressive betting strategies do work. In other words, you eventually win, and when that happens, the payout will be big enough to cover all your losses. However, the common problem with these strategies is that it is not clear when the win will happen. For example, let’s say you start playing with 2 units, and after 10 spins, you get your first win: Even in this scenario, you have to spend 1,024 units until you win. If your bankroll is not that big, you will go bankrupt. So, if you don’t have a big budget to play roulette, progressive betting strategies can do more harm than good.

Strategies That Focus on Your Chances of Winning

Strategies in this category are not concerned with how you should manage your bankroll. Instead, they try to increase your chances of winning. They try to do this by limiting the number of betting options, that is, possible outcomes. Let’s say you are playing a game with only three outcomes: If you bet on two of them, you will increase your chances of winning, right? These strategies try to do the same thing and allow you to place bets that will cover most of the possible outcomes in the roulette game.

The most well-known example of these strategies is the James Bond system. In this system, you place a bet on the following outcomes in each round: 0, 13 – 18, 19 – 36. European roulette has 37 numbers, and if you place such a bet, you will be able to cover 25 possible outcomes.

Whether the James Bond strategy increases, the RTP rate is still controversial. Even with this strategy, you still have 12 numbers left that you can’t cover. Back to the example above: If you place a bet on two outcomes in a game with three outcomes, your chances of winning are roughly 66%. However, you still have a 33% chance of losing. This also applies to the James Bond strategy: 12 numbers you can’t cover means you can still lose, and in the long run, your investment could be more than your money earned.