Best Sports Betting Contests

Sports betting has become a mainstream hobby. We have online sportsbooks to thank for this. They’ve made wagering simpler, much more convenient, and fun. For example, online casinos offer a wide variety of bets and bonuses, contributing significantly to the fan engagement.

However, recently, there has been a push for “betting contests.” Rather than just wagering against the odds/bookies, fans can now place bets against each other. Sometimes, these bets are done as a one-off, but sometimes, they are in the form of a tournament or a contest. Let’s explore some of the most popular sports betting contests.

What are Betting Contests?

Betting contests are exactly what they sound like. Wagering competitions that online bookies organize to entice and engage an audience. There is no one set of rules behind all betting contests. But, for the most part, they follow the same basic formula; players wager on a series of games, and the ones that get the most games right are the contest winners.

Betting contests have yet to be particularly popular. However, thanks to several websites that have begun taking them more seriously, these competitions have garnered much more attention recently. In this article, we would like to review some of the most popular betting contests we’ve encountered and discuss whether they are worth your time.


BetNow is a trustworthy online sports betting site whose main appeal comes from the different types of betting that it offers. Most know them for their excellent odds on parlays. However, the website has done a lot to distinguish itself in sports betting.

They have embraced Bitcoin and accept US players, and the top-notch sign-up offer of 100% up to $1000 is quite generous. This review goes into further detail, explaining all the positives of the website.

The King of the Hill Contest

One of Betnow’s distinguishing features is the excellent King of the Hill betting contest. The website hosts an annual competition geared towards US players. The King of the Hill covers the NFL and sees customers bet on each game. The goal is to get the most wagers correctly.

The King of the Hill contest is a way to make betting much more fun and reward the best gamblers on the website. Indeed, competitors can win a pretty hefty cash prize by the end. Competitors are also eligible to win weekly cash prizes. If that sounds like fun, check it out.


BetUS is one of the most popular sportsbooks online right now. BetUS is easily among the most successful and highly-rated bookies; its popularity mainly stems from its bonus programs. Not only do they have VIP membership, but the site also offers a lot of promotions that make betting all the more fun.

Bonuses are one of the main reasons that online sportsbooks are so popular. A lot of people have claimed that getting the bonuses is a hassle. However, follow a simple tutorial to claim a bonus. You should be fine, especially at BetUS, where claiming bonuses is already as simple as can be.

BetUS’s Various Competitions

There is not just one betting contest at BetUS. Indeed, the website has seen it fit to offer many competitions and challenges. For example, the Parlay Challenge is a big success. Participants can compete against each other to predict as many outcomes as possible correctly.

Of course, the competition comes with a few stipulations. For one, the bets must be Parlays, hence the parlay challenge. There are also minimum deposits and wagering requirements, which you can learn if you visit the BetUS website.

Another pretty popular contest at BetUS is the Survivor’s Pool. The most successful survivor’s pool among US fans is the NFL one. Each week, participants pick a team to win straight up. The winner progresses in the tournament, while the loser drops out. It ultimately culminates in the Super Bowl, where the top two punters wager on the champion.


Is online sports betting legal in the USA?

Yes. Most states have legalized online sports betting. However, the practice is a matter of state law, so you should ensure that your state allows online sportsbooks to operate in the area.

Can I access offshore bookies in the USA?

Yes. Even in states that ban sportsbook operations, accessing online sportsbooks is still possible using offshore websites. However, the states that completely ban online sports betting are another matter completely.

Is it worth participating in an online sports betting competition?

It depends. Betting contests can be fun. However, it all depends on your financial state, as well as your bankroll. Competitions like these can be demanding, so make sure you have the funds to compete in them before jumping headfirst.

What are the best websites that offer sports betting contests? and BetUS are the two sites that have the best offers on sports betting competitions.

Will sports betting contests grow more popular in the future?

We can’t say. Betting contests have their pros and cons. Some websites seem quite successful, so others may follow in their footsteps.

Betting Competitions Future Popularity

The two websites we discussed in this article offer quite a bit of excitement with their competition. This makes many bettors wonder why more online bookies don’t have similar offers. The truth is betting contests are simply not as popular as just basic betting. However, they are growing an audience, so it wouldn’t surprise us if they become a huge aspect of betting in the future.