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Best Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography is one of the most unique photo sessions for the couple. A wedding is the most precious day for the couples. They need their happiness, emotions, love and cherish the moments during their wedding must be captured. As per their requirement, wedding photographers shoot different images from different angle to capture those beautiful and cherish moments. But, wedding photography is not every photographer’s cup of tea. If you want to be a wedding photographer, you must have the proper knowledge about the wedding ceremony and all the celebrations. Which moment is important to capture, which moment you can skip, etc. . In this blog, we are trying to provide you certain tips to be a professional wedding photographer. These tips will definitely help you in measuring your photography skills and making strategy to capture the beautiful moments of the most precious day in the lives of two families.

The wedding is not just the much awaited and precious day of the couple, the families of the couple also wait for this beautiful moment. If you are planning to shoot the wedding for the first time, please check the following concepts.

  1. If you are planning to shoot a wedding, it’s better for you to get a second photographer. A single man cannot capture all the moments of a wedding. You must need a second shooter who must be professional.
  2. Please be prepared and come to the wedding with your full equipments. Make a list of all required equipment before the wedding and make sure not to miss to bring those along with you in the wedding.
  3. Before taking your shots, make sure you have planned them. Make a strategy to make which moments are to be captured in your camera at which pose, which moment and what to focus. Your plan will make you a professional wedding photographer.
  4. Before taking the photographs, you must know who and what to shoot. Clicking pictures of unknown or non important persons will waste your time and memory space too.
  5. Every single moment of the wedding is important for both the families. You have to capture every single wedding moment of the wedding and some candid moments to fill the wedding album with joy and happiness.

Challenge in Wedding Photography:

Wedding photography has always been a challenging photography for photographers. It is quite different from other photography. Some of the moments in a wedding you can manage by bride & groom shoot. But for other moments, there is no room for error. This is a one-time event.

The first challenge which you may face is dealing with the families of couples. It can be really stressful. You may be called to capture one moment from one family when you are busy in taking pictures of other family. You will have to handle this really tactically.

Another challenge you can face is the wedding photography contract. During signing the contract, you must be very attentive. Read all the terms & conditions, especially the payment part of the contract to avoid some glitches after the wedding shoot. You have to decide the number of portraits have to be taken with the bride & groom and with their families.

Some of the weddings are short. They end in a few hours. It’s really challenging to decide which moments have to be captured in the short span of time. You have to be extra diligent during the photo shoot of small weddings.

Best Wedding Photography Tips:

To be a professional wedding photographer, here are certain tips which can help you to make the strategy during the wedding photo shoot. Please have a look.

Become an Assistant of a Pro:

To avoid errors during the shoot, you must have to learn a lot. For that, you will have to follow a pro wedding photographer. You must have to know the do’s & Don’ts during the wedding photography. You will have to learn the basic of photography from the experience photographer and learn the basic, the mistakes to avoid during the shoot, the angle on which the camera has to be held, etc. Learn as much as you can from the veteran photographer to grasp the important skills of wedding photography.

Before starting your own wedding photography, you must follow the lead photographer. Be the assistant of the lead wedding photographer and assist him during the photo shoot. Consult with him during taking pictures at a wedding. Which moments have to capture, what to not, who are the important family members to be captured, how mane photos to be captured at a wedding, all these factors has been crystal cleared. Apart from the Photography, you can also assist him with the photography equipments. Which equipment is much needed, which lens to use to capture the moments of the wedding, which camera to use, etc. are to be cleared before starting your own wedding photography business.

Following a veteran wedding photographer will not only help you to learn some tips during the photography, but also help you to gain experience in that field. That experience will help you in building your own wedding photography portfolio.

Check your Camera Properly:

Before stating your wedding photo shoot, it’s better to check the camera properly. You need to check all the parts of your camera are working or not. The gadgets must be checked properly. Considering the circumstances, make a checklist of all of your gadgets used to shoot and confirm the availability of one by one before the show. As a wedding photographer is the most important person in the wedding from both bride and groom’s side, there is no room for mistakes. During the shoot, if your camera or any of your gadgets will not work, then the whole wedding moments will not be captured and your profession will be in danger. You can get tips, if you have DSLR camera and you are beginners.

We suggest you to take extra camera, lens, lights and other required gadgets for the wedding photography. It’s better to have a plan B with you. You can use the spare items during the failure of your original photo shoot equipments. We also recommend you to use original and quality equipments as your backups. Do not use the local equipments as your plan B.

Take Sufficient Accessories With You:

As a professional photographer, you will have to carry sufficient accessories with you during the wedding photo shoot. There is no room for excuses that I can skip this one, this one is too heavy, etc. These types of excuses will always pull you away from your success.
It is also recommended to take extra memory cards and batteries. You cannot know how long a wedding event will go. There may be some new and special moments arise during the wedding and must be captured. In this case, extra memory card will save you. You may not find enough time to charge your camera during the wedding photo shoot. So please take extra batteries with you for back up.

As a professional photographer, you will have to be prepared for bad circumstances. There may be some issues in your camera which cause the loss of data and clicked pictures. We recommend you to save your clicked pictures in a laptop during the shoot. To avoid the data loss, you can use this step. Whenever you get time, start saving the click pictures from your camera in your laptop as backup.

Don’t be a Solo Photographer:

A wedding photography is the most important photography for both bride and groom families. You must be capture lifetime moments  precisely and thoroughly. You cannot carry all the accessories with your along for a wedding photo shoot. As this shoot is quite difficult and challenging, you may require additional accessories as compare to other one. Take someone or your assistance with you for the same.

A helping hand is always necessary in wedding photography. You will need someone to managing the lights during the photography. You can also ask your assistance to take the test shots. Apart from these situations, the most important is, it is not possible for you capture all the moments of a wedding alone. You can offer your helping hand to be your assistant in the next wedding event.

Pre-Wedding Photo shoot:

Before the wedding photography, make sure you make some plan for a successful photography. Apart from the wedding session, you should make some extra time for this event. Pre-Wedding Photo shoot is one of most trending shoots happening among couples. Take the bride and groom to some special places and locations for Pre-Wedding photography.

During this session, they will follow your instructions. It’s better to bring the manual during the shoot. Show them some of your best portfolio and assure them that their shoot will be the best than your previous shoot. Let them decide the poses first. After their attempts, suggest some best poses for Pre-Wedding photo session.

Provide some extra instructions to capture the best shots of world be bride and groom. You will have to be patient with them. Because, it’s their first pre-wedding photo shoot. They always need the photographer who can manage and remain calm during the session. You must have to make planning for this event because apart from the wedding, this session is important for bride and groom.

Capture the First Moments:

First moments are always special in everyone’s life. You must have to capture those first moments as a professional wedding photographer. Ask the bride and groom for their first moment like their first kiss, their first dance, their first look, etc. Those moments are really special for both of them. So make sure you must capture those moments very precisely. Because, these pictures will remain with them forever.

As these moments are not pre-planned, they happen really fast. You will have to be very attentive during these moments. Plan the time for these first moments of bride & groom and capture them with the best shots in order. Such planning will make your photography really successful. Make some plans like entry of bride and groom into the wedding hall pr church, every pictures of bride and groom from different angles, etc.

Your camera must be in high shutter speed during capturing the first moments. You will have to multiple pictures to choose the best shot among them. Make sure you will be good in capturing these first moments. These first moments are the backbone of your wedding photography.

Capture the Reactions:

Capturing the reactions of everybody present in the wedding hall is really important as capturing the moments. Reactions come from heart. They are really true. They must be captured in your frame to ensure it was a successful wedding event. During the first moments of the couple, you can notice the reactions of friends, families and relatives. Their reactions are deserved to be captured.

The WOW moments, the joy, the happiness on the face of families, friends, relatives are really priceless. Ask your assistant to capture those priceless moments when you are shooting the first moments of the couple. You must have to guide him to take as much pictures he can. During the shoot, ask him to capture as mane faces as he can with their expressions. These moments are really joyful and they must be preserved for the couples so that they can enjoy the moments by looking at these beautiful reactions later in their life. Reactions are really important. So make sure not a single reaction not to be missed.