Body Measurement Technology: What Is It All About?

Body measurement technology is the need of the hour, especially if you’re an eCommerce apparel store in this digital era. Imagine shopping for clothes of your size without going through the struggle of measuring with tape. 

A body measuring app or a 3d body scan app is a sizing solution that allows us to scan our body measurements and input them manually or via a scanning application. That, in turn, helps us recognize the size of specific clothing or brands. In today’s social distancing world, this type of sizing solution comes in handy. 

Isn’t it interesting how businesses are transforming with technologies like that? Click here to know why fashion business needs a body measuring app: 

Perks Of Integrating Body Measurement Technology 

Using a body measuring app for suiting your customers with the ideal garment size helps shopkeepers collect individual data. This way, they can deliver personalized experiences such as customized size recommendations, resulting in customers liking the product that suits their body.

When prepared with the technology, it is a perfect fit, less likely to return them. With the abundance of data collected by the business, it can also optimize future product development, distribution, and planning according to its customers’ body shapes and sizes. 

They also receive customized products for their bodies while the business enjoys lesser returns and a handful of wastage of products. 

Let’s figure out how body measurement software ensures the right fit for the customers at As the market is swarmed with a variety of automated sizing solutions, here are the types of body measuring technology that is used worldwide: 

1. Manual Input

This is the most basic sizing application that retailers have used for a long time. As the name suggests, the consumer has to manually input the height, weight, age, gender, the size they wear, and the best-fitted clothing from the brand. Although it is a straightforward application, it provides accurate measurements for proper size and fit. One of the cons of this method is knowing the exact details, although it can be changed anytime you want.

2. Contact-free body measuring solution 

This sizing solution is coming into the limelight as it takes the body measurement app to the next level by eliminating the need to guess your measurement. You can measure yourself from the comfort of your homes just through your mobile phones. It saves ample time, money, and effort, and it’s pretty popular in the uniform industry. 

3. Artificial Intelligence

The data retained from manually input sizing solutions is further scrutinized using the power of artificial intelligence to locate other customers with similar dimensions and preferences.  The AI system will recommend the perfect size based on the customer’s past data. This sizing solution is generally developed to generate a 3D model to analyze the tightest curves in clothing. 

4. Machine Learning 

This is the most intelligent and resourceful sizing solution. It minimizes consumers’ efforts as it doesn’t need you to do anything or provide any data. It learned from the previous purchase orders and returned items to recommend the perfect size fit for you. 


Body measurement technology eliminates the need for trail wear; it has become necessary in a world that requires contact-free transactions. With each passing day, more and more customers are looking for such convenient solutions in the online apparel world.