Bug Tracking Software


Bugzilla is a great platform to control over the bugs on your computer. Bugs usually enter and make your work worst. Bugzilla performs as a Bug Tracking Software to resolve bug issues on permanent basis. Our bug fixer software is very much realistic in universal operating systems. It supports OS like windows, Linux and Mac. There are many companies who have taken our service of bug fixing software. It covers from basic to advance level searches bugs of different search engines on the internet. Users are able to make safe searches through our extant features.

Bugzilla sends email notifications for all the updates of the software. The preferences are clearly defined in the mail to the users. Bugs are associated to different formats shown to the users such as Atom, icalendar, CSV, XML. Bugs can easily fit into the various platforms. Bugzilla has in built feature of sending reports through mails at specified times. It can also be sent after every fifteen minutes. The Task Management system has been updated with the bug identification feature. It identifies the bug as soon as you start typing the summary. Time tracking tool of Bugzilla allows the user to set a fixed timing for fixing the bug after the recognition of time required to fix one.   

Bugzilla Information

Vendor Name Bugzilla
Website http://www.bugzilla.org
Rating 4.1
Product URL Click Here
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  • Audit Trail
  • Workflow Management
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