Career as a Professional Gamer: What You Need to Know

Do you love playing video games? Would you like to earn money while doing this? Then maybe you should know that this dream is not so far away from turning true. The universe of esports has developed tremendously over the last couple of years. There are world championships where players compete and earn prizes. 

Some competitions are streamed all over the world and have millions in cash prizes. Playing video games can turn from a hobby to a job. You can become a professional gamer that travels the world solo or with his team and competes and wins championships. While a different type of job requires to resume help and professional cv writing guidance, becoming a professional gamer is distinct. Here is everything you need to know in order to earn money while playing video games. 

Find Your Game 

Even though it might sound obvious, there are a lot of esports you can play. Depending on the video games you like to play, you can choose your niche. But, of course, some games are enjoying great success and popularity. And where you will find some of the best gamers in the world. There is the International DOTA Championship, where the prizes were over $34 million. There is a championship organized by Intel and even an area specially built for organizing competitions in Las Vegas. 

Know What Motivates You

People are different and each of us is motivated by different things. While some gamers might be motivated by the possibility of earning huge money prizes, others are motivated by the pleasure of competing. There are many games where you can compete as part of a team and where the entire game becomes more interesting. 

But there is a difference between these two types of people: those motivated by money and fame and those motivated by competition and being part of a team. Even though it seems easy to become a professional gamer, the competition is fierce in this domain. 

So, you will need to put a lot of effort and time into improving your skills, understanding the game, and building a strategy. You will not earn millions in cash or fame overnight. Which might make your motivation dwindle. Before committing to this, know what motivates you and why you want to do this. 

Join the Community 

No matter if you are entering the world of esports with a team or solo, joining the community will help you a lot. There are a lot of platforms and forums where players talk about different strategies and tricks of the game. To become a professional player, you need to know the game inside out. 

There will surely be shortcuts that will help you. But joining the community will come with other benefits as well. You get to know like-minded people you can learn a lot from. On top of this, they can motivate you to pursue a career as a professional gamer even more. There are a lot of YouTube and twitch channels where you can watch professional gamers playing and join the chat to meet other players. 

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need 

Being a professional gamer means that you also need to practice to hone your gaming skills. And for this, you need the right equipment. You cannot become a professional gamer if your laptop crashes every 10 seconds. So, make sure the equipment you have supports the game. 

You should play smoothly so that you can learn more about the game. Besides a laptop or computer, you need a gaming mouse, keyboard, and headphones. And you should not forget about a comfortable chair, as gaming is engaging and for sure you will spend a lot of time standing on it. Thankfully, all industries have created the things gamers need, so for sure you will find the equipment you want. 

Start Playing 

Being a professional gamer might be something that you achieve over time, so you need to be prepared. However, you can get yourself noticed in the industry by participating in international competitions and earning a good place. You do not have to win them from the first time you compete, but to get a validation of your skills. Skills you can improve only by playing the game you have chosen. 

But as many gamers, this is a passion. So, you might not feel the journey toward becoming a professional gamer as a hassle, but rather as a trip you enjoy. Start playing the game you love and you will become better and better. 


If you want to build a career as a professional gamer, here is everything you need to know. Choose your game, know what motivates you, join the community, get the equipment you need, and start playing.