Characteristics of the Best E-Commerce Websites

Consumers today have a lot of options when it comes to online shopping. Since the e-commerce economy is booming, the competition for selling products online also has become tougher. For an e-commerce site to stay relevant and competitive, there are certain elements that they need to have. This is why many online selling platforms today are offering promotions and discounts to customers. If you are a consumer who is looking for some promotions online, you can check out this AliExpress promo code.

If you are searching for an e-commerce website to buy items or even sell your own products, you need to find one that is reliable and trustworthy. In this article, we are going to take a look at some specific factors that are present in well-designed e-commerce websites. This way, you will be able to choose one that will best cater to your needs.

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A good e-commerce website is commonly simple, as its focus is on the products it has on sale. When the design of the platform is so extravagant, people will be drawn to the site instead of to the products being sold. A good e-commerce website features clean designs and layouts. This way, the products are emphasized, and the consumers will clearly see what they are buying. In addition to that, when the site is simple, people will be able to use them easily as all the options will be clear to see. 

High-Quality Photos

Online selling is very different from selling items in a physical store, as buyers can’t touch or see the actual products. Therefore, providing high-quality photos that accurately show the products can help overcome this challenge that the consumers are facing, helping them decide on the products they want to purchase. A good e-commerce website has product detail pages that include high-res photos showing different sides or angles of the product. 

Easy to Navigate

Many buyers are sticking to e-commerce sites that are easy to use or where they can easily find what they are looking for. This means that effective navigation is essential to any website, particularly for e-commerce sites. When consumers get lost in using the website, it can result in missed sales. Plus, choosing an e-commerce site that is easy to navigate can help save your time, whether you are a buyer or a seller. 

Easy Checkout

User experience is also an important factor. Most buyers find it annoying when the checkout process involves too many steps or if it is confusing. If this is the case, most shoppers just choose to abandon their carts with items left unpurchased. It is better to choose sites where checkout only involves a minimal amount of steps, making it easy for shoppers. It is also not a good idea when the visitors are forced to create an account to be able to check out the items they like. 


Today, people are into using their smartphones when online shopping rather than logging in on computers or laptops. In the United States, mobile e-commerce accounts for about 45% of all e-commerce. Therefore, we can say that an e-commerce site is good if it is mobile optimized, allowing visitors to buy from their tablets and smartphones. 

Special Offers

There are many e-commerce sites that use special offers in their standard marketing practices. These offers can be via email, social, text, and more. There are also some that take advantage of the prime real estate in the header section of their sites to promote special offers. When buyers see that they are getting a special deal, it motivates them to spend more time searching the site and purchasing items. This is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller, making it a great e-commerce website characteristic.

Wish Lists

Many online shoppers love the wish list features of e-commerce websites. It’s because they can use it to shop, save, and share the items that they find. Those sites that are not using wish lists are leaving revenue on the virtual desktop table. It is a really helpful feature for buyers as it enables them to bookmark items that they can’t buy now due to having a limited budget, or maybe the item is out of stock but is planning to purchase later on. 

Related Items

Great e-commerce websites also share related items with shoppers. It is a feature that creates the desirable stickiness effect that lots of marketers are trying to achieve. For example, if you add a coffee maker machine to your cart, the website might suggest for you to take a look at some coffee bean selections or other related gadgets like coffee bean grinders. 

Social Proof

Brand trust and advocacy can be created when brands and online sellers connect with their buyers on an emotional level. Therefore, linking social profiles and user-generated content with an e-commerce site are also essential features to look for. These will give online sellers brand character. The brands that engage with customers socially are the ones that create customers for life. 

Security Features

Of course, before you transact with any online shopping platform, you first need to make sure that your personal information and banking details are safe. E-commerce websites are lucrative targets for cybercriminals. Therefore, a great e-commerce site is one that protects its customer information and takes steps to ensure privacy. Some of the e-commerce security features that you need to look for include an SSL certificate, two-factor authentication, firewall, and a link to the privacy policy in the footer. 

Advanced Payment Options

Great e-commerce websites also offer advanced payment options, such as Apple Pay and PayPal. It is very convenient for customers to be able to pay for the items in just one click. An e-commerce site can be effective if it understands who the buyer is and implements the most effective solutions. 

Detailed Shipping Information

Another essential thing that a good e-commerce site should have is detailed information about their shipping. When the shipping cost is unexpected, many customers may abandon their carts. It is important that the sites include shipping information early in the checkout process. Also, based on research, most shoppers spend 30% more per order when the shipping fee is already included. 

Easy Return Policy

Any e-commerce website needs to have a return policy. The policy should be clearly visible and well-written or illustrated on the website. It’s because it is another trust-building feature when it comes to online selling and shopping. It is something that reassures buyers that the site is there for them if something is wrong with their orders.

These are some of the characteristics of the best e-commerce websites. Therefore, whether you are shopping for clothes, furniture, and other items online, looking for sites that offer these features is a great idea as you can ensure a seamless shopping experience.