Considering Enrolling as a Caregiver in CDPAP? Let’s Understand All Its Benefits

Healthcare programs work to provide the best health care to the person in need. Often an elderly, a terminally-ill person, or a differently-abled individual signs up for the healthcare program. Such programs connect these individuals to a caregiver who takes care of their physical health throughout the day. One of the most popular programs garnering attention throughout New York is the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. 

CDPAP allows the consumers to hire and manage their caregivers. The caregivers that they hire not only help them in maintaining their physical well-being but assist them in their daily chores as well. FreedomCare is a contracted provider of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. Ever since its introduction, many individuals have started making the most of this concept. 

Under CDPAP, the consumer is given the liberty to choose consistent care from a person who they love. Thus, a caregiver doesn’t necessarily have to be a medical professional. They can be a friend, family (with some exceptions), an acquaintance of the consumers. What makes the idea of CDPAP more popular is that a caregiver is paid for the services that they extend to the consumer. 

Here are the benefits that the program has to offer.

Get paid handsomely: 

If you have the required caregiver skills and patience, here’s the good news for you. The caregivers under this program get paid handsomely for all the efforts they make to take care of the consumers. Thus, whether you are a medical professional chosen by the consumer or their family member, nothing can stop you from earning well under this program. 

Enjoy flexible working hours: 

Caregiving under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program is not about working for fixed hours throughout the day and taking care of the consumers. The working hours can be very flexible, depending upon how much they need you and your time. You can be approved for as many hours as the consumer wants you to work. However, the working hours are subjected to essential regulations and policies. 

Fair wage calculations and payouts:

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP) pays you depending upon your working hours while caregiving. There is no minimum number of hours that you have to work to get paid. Some of its benefits are influenced by the number of hours you have worked. But on the whole, you will get paid for all the hours you have dedicated to caring for the consumers. 

Another advantage of CDPAP for the caregivers, you don’t have to wait until month-end for the payment. This program pays you weekly, guaranteed. All the payments to the caregivers are discharged on the fifth day of the week (Friday). All you are expected to do is to submit your working hours to the team properly. 

Get compensated for overtime: 

Healthcare can require a lot of time, and saying no to the patient when they need you just doesn’t feel right. This program compensates the caregiver for the hours they do in overtime. The exact overtime rate depends upon your insurance plan and location. 

Cater to multiple patients: 

CDPAP allows you to care for more than one patient at one time. However, in doing so, you need to split the working hours. You cannot be on the clock for both the consumers at the same time. 

For instance, if you are a caregiver for both your mother and father and are qualified for 20 hours and 22 hours per week, you can work for 42 hours per week. You are expected to split these 42 hours in taking care of both of them. You will be paid for all 42 hours. 

Enjoy your me-time with leaves: 

CDPAP is an equally flexible program for consumers to enjoy up to 40 paid sick hours or leave. What more would you ask for? The entire program is built on the foundation of appreciating the efforts of caretakers and giving their deserved benefits.


As a caregiver, CDPAP allows you a multitude of benefits. You can also enjoy insurance and retirement plans. This program is an amazing concept to look forward to. Take part in the fruitful program and become a caregiver now!