Corporate portal as an effective tool for shaping corporate culture

Corporate, internal information architecture provides ample opportunities to influence staff. This is a basic tool for forming corporate ethics, updating corporate standards, systematizing information flows and managing business processes. We recommend reading about it here:

Why is corporate social media needed? network?

Companies with smaller staffs find it easier to manage staff. You can gather everyone at a corporate party at one moment, announce the changes, shake hands and exchange the latest news. In companies with thousands of employees, this format of communication will somewhat delay the process of informing. To develop internal communications, you will need to use modern tools and spend more time and resources.

The corporate portal is used as one of the tools. The internal data exchange system allows you to safely automate the process of internal communications and ensure data exchange. It is possible that traditional social networks are also suitable for solving such problems, but for many financial companies and strategic business segments this format is not possible due to the low level of security.

The bank runs the risk of leaking data about its customers or financial transactions, which is critical for the banking sector. The network of airports, train stations, railway stations also needs data protection when exchanging between company entities. Third-party platforms cannot provide this.

Communication between employees is very important for business. A person always experiences the need for social identification. It is in the interests of the company to create a high-quality platform for employees and distract them from using typical social platforms, where the risk of leakage of commercial information is very high. Every enterprise app development company always takes this into account.

Technical set for the development of a corporate portal

From the whole variety of proposals, there are several approaches to the development of a personal communications platform:

  • Development of a software shell “from scratch”. For this, a team of outsourced developers is hired and they perform a full range of work, including testing and training on the platform. With this approach, the project is distinguished by not short terms and expensive work.
  • Using a ready-made solution, where components for the corporate portal have already been laid down and implemented. Logically, the way to solve the problem has many advantages. The project is easier to implement, easier to maintain and there is no need to spend large amounts of money. Among the minuses is a lower degree of individualization.
  • Acquisition of a ready-made portal platform based on an online constructor with a clear interface that would allow you to manage the site without programming knowledge.

Today, the market offers a huge number of ready-made solutions with the possibility of customization to the needs of the client. It should be noted that the choice of a specific module should be carried out after consultation with specialized specialists. The opportunity to save money is always attractive, but along with this, it is important to acquire a solution with modern capabilities for integrating security systems. Simply put, the client should always be able to integrate a new security system or any other third-party services.

Economic benefits of a corporate portal

It is generally accepted that cadres decide everything. In this regard, it is not very advisable to limit communications to your employees. The corporate portal allows you to solve a number of tasks:

  • Optimization of working time.
  • Acceleration of business processes. Data exchange will accelerate, which will subsequently have a positive impact on the effectiveness of the team.
  • Improved control and manageability. Data systematization improves the quality of management decisions, which in turn increases business efficiency.

For a corporate product, it is important to create a security system in which the protection of data exchange will be accompanied by appropriate encryption protocols. If the developers do not provide for this, then there will be conflicts with the Security Service.