Cottage Safety Tips For Dogs

Summer is on the rise and many pet owners are considering their trips to cottages. What can be better than relaxing with friends, family, and animal companions? 

Everyone is proactive in keeping their pets away from any disease, still, rural areas or cottages need you to take more precautions while heading towards it.

These are some tips that will help you to enjoy your trip with the beloved pet. 

The trip

While heading out in the summer, no doubt, days will be hot and there are chances of your pet feeling stressed and dehydrated while on a long journey. Prepare yourself for a comfortable and safe trip for your pets. 

– Keep the temperature under control

Air conditioners can be used so that the pets don’t feel much heat. Make sure not to leave your pet alone in the vehicle; it will only take a minute for them to get heatstroke. Also, keep this in mind, your pet might love looking out of the window, sudden stops and traffic aside lead to accidents and injuries. 

– Take breaks regularly in between

Make a plan to rest every 2-4 hours for bathroom, exercise and water. Get some utensils or boxes for your animal as staying hydrated at the time of the trip is essential. Also, attach the leash while getting your dog out of the car. Accidents can take place near the areas where there’s a lot of traffic.

In the cottage

The cottage is open and works best for pets so that they can have some fun, explore the place, and roam freely. However, it is still essential to keep checking your pet. Check dog friendly cottages to see that your dog doesn’t get confused by the crowd, gets lost in any wild space, or encounters wildlife. Make him comfortable. 

– Let the per come in with you in the cottage

There are chances of getting lost in the wooded area, it is better to be with them. Ensure to get the microchip and tag with the phone number and address of where you are staying. This way even if your pet wanders off, they will return to you. 

– Keep them away from wildlife

Getting involved with skunks or porcupines can get a lot of injuries, and involvement with bears or wolves can be life threatening. Keep them on the leash while exploring different areas outdoors, so that nothing bad happens. 

Health issues

Outdoors can be fun and beautiful, but also comes with problems for animals. 

– Protection from parasites

Ticks and fleas are common in cottages. While taking your pet with you, talk to your pet regarding the concern.

– Check the vaccinations record

Make sure to go through the vaccines before taking your pet out, primarily the rabies vaccine. 

Keep your pet safe inside the water

It is as important for your pet as for every other person. A lifejacket is the best solution. Make sure to let your dog wear a lifejacket while on the boat, especially in the areas where the water is cold. Keep your dog tied from the boat interiors just to be on the safe side. 

Many dogs love swimming but it is still the best idea to keep them safe with a lifejacket. 

Have an exciting and safe summer!