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emPerform is a multifaceted online performance management software provider. It has created all comprehensive employee performance management tools that help the employee to get better in their performance.

With its 360° reviews and feedback is useful to get feedback of the consumers and act on the given insight. Emperform provides multipurpose 360-degree software to amass feedback and get better the performance index of employees and management. Our 360-degree feedback review work for different channels

For social media feedback and reviews

In this way of 360-degree review feedback, we generally work step to step

We will collect feedback and review from numerous sources in real-time

It will help us to take action according to the feedback and come up with appropriate performance index

We can easily put forward our feedback as well as get from anywhere
Identify employee’s potentials during the review cycle

It will help involving manager and employees in constant training

The 360-degree review tool is useful in collecting feedback and generates a performance report throughout the year.

Online Surveys

The 360° feedback is useful for company management, third-party and shareholders. emPerform provides an innovative 360° feedback survey questionnaire to the organization. Moreover, you can customize questionnaires according to your specific business requirements.

Integrated 360 ° reviews

The integrated 360° reviews help to track the performance of the employee and give them incremental benefits based on the reviews.

How emPerform 360° reviews is a curative tool for your management performance

emPerform 360° reviews tools help in recognizing the capacity and drawbacks of the managers, HR and employees. It is useful to enhance productivity with the help of honest review of every associated person of the company

Managerial level

Mangers are provided comprehensive details and insight to utilize during the completion of employee incremental benefits and their own presentation.


Employees can trust the software that the feedback is honest and display details from their group unlike to the limited individuals


The emPerform 360° reviews solution saves lots of energy and time of the HR department. It gives them clear insights into performance index at the organizational level.

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