What Is The Difference Between Curd And Yogurt?

Do you know the difference between curd and Yogurt? If this same question is knocking your mind then time to find the answer for it. Well, we will understand the difference as well as the benefits of both here

What Do You Mean By Curd And Yogurt?

Curd and yogurt are dairy products that are fermented and they have been used as taste and food. They both are prepared from milk and fermented by adding healthy bacteria in the milk. Now the next question is why are these fermented. In the fermented process, the health benefits of milk increases. Healthy bacteria can make curd and yogurt more advantageous for the digestive system.

What Is Curd Or Dahi?

What Is Curd Or Dahi?

As we have already explained that curd or dahi is a milk product that is fermented. It is created by fermentation of milk by adding healthy bacteria. The name of healthy bacteria is lactobacillus bulgariacus. The bacteria need to be absorbed in the milk that is boiled and cooled in nearly 45°. The bacteria are added by a spoon of already prepared curd. After adding bacteria, it increases and within a couple of hours, milk is going to become curd. The fermentation process makes the lactose in the milk transformed into tye lactic acid.

Health benefits Of curd

  1. Curd helps in improve digestion
  2. It works as a great hair conditioner and helps in reducing dandruff
  3. It has a rich ingredient of phosphorus and calcium that makes your bone and teeth strong
  4. The healthy bacteria make your immune system strong
  5. It is a great face application for skin and helps in making your skin glow. Curd is used in many face mast DIY beauty tips

What Is Yogurt?

What Is Yogurt?

Yogurt is the same milk product fermented by healthy bacteria. To make curd there is a need of a minimum of two healthy bacteria Streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus delbrueckii. Both these bacteria are dissolved in milk that is boiled and then cooled in the same 45 degrees. Additionally, few more healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidus might be included in the fermentation process. The motto of adding bacteria is to pass on and manipulates different flavor, essence, nutritional value, and texture of yogurt. Yogurt can be made from camel, buffalo, and cow’s milk. Each of yogurt will have a different flavor, nutritional value, texture, and essence.

Health Benefits Of Yogurt

  • Yogurt contains rich nutrients and low calories. Here are the health benefits of yogurt
  • It amplifies the phosphorus and calcium in dental plaque and its pH
  • It helps weight loss and maintains the metabolism of the body as it is rich in protein
  • It regulates High blood pressure because it is a rich source of potassium
  • It is a good source of probiotic that offer healthy bacteria to the intestine
  • Consuming Yogurt with added nutrients and calcium along with post biotic substances and prebiotic gives extra health advantages
  • People who are distressing from lactose intolerance need to consume yogurt as it will them to feel better.